Landing system of Larnaca Airport is “Blind”

Landing system of Larnaca Airport is



The Greek Cypriot Minister of Public Works and Transport – Marios Dimitriadis announced that they will not be able to improve the landing system of Larnaca Airport, which provides Landing in fogsafe landing for aircraft in foggy weather, due to the high cost.

Fileleftheros newspaper which is published in South Cyprus reported under the headline “Landing System Remains ‘Blind’… Dimitriadis says we cannot invest millions of Euros for 8 aircraft. This statement of Dimitriadis was made in response to a question of the President of Ecologists and Environmentalists Movement – Yorgos Perdikis.

According to the news, Dimitriadis indicated that improving the system requires millions of Euros and in 2014 only 8 planes needed the system while landing in fog,  12 million euros are needed to improve the system today, and noted that it is not worth making an expenditure of this amount for 8 planes.


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  1. I bet the compensation pay-outs and negative publicity if one of those ‘8 planes’ were to crash would be higher than the investment needed! The Greeks are gambling again.

    • They are gambling all the time Ian and sooner or later they are in for a big loss like when Turkish water starts flowing and thats not that far away.