May 31, 2023

Roots Ramblers report

poisoned bait left in a tourist area

We have received a horrific report from Ian Jefferson of the Roots Ramblers walking group of one of their dogs being poisoned whilst they were out walking in the region of the Sourp Magar Armenian Monastery and close to the Alevkayasi North Cyprus Herbarium. Fortunately these folk are very experienced and carry first aid equipmet to deal with injuries to people and also their animals and were able on this occasion to treat the dog with a poison antidote and it seems it has survived this attempt by persons unknown to poison dogs or wild animals.

The Roots Ramblers reported this discovery and act of poisoning to the ranger station at the  North Cyprus Herbarium and were told the case would be reported to the local police. The following is the news of what happened that was sent to by the Roots Ramblers and as they pointed out that apart from other wild carnivore animals any undiscovered poisoned meat is also a threat to the birds of prey or worse still domesticated dogs or people.

Poisoners are killing Tourism

By Ian Jefferson……
Roots Ramblers

On Monday 30th March a dog belonging to a Roots Rambler was poisoned near the Alevkayasi tourist centre in the Bespamak mountains whilst out walking with the rambling group. The mountains at Alevkayasi are part of the Besparmak range, a Poisoned meatwilderness which is the tourist jewel of North Cyprus and a magnet for thousands of weekend excursioners. Members of the group found a large quantity of poisoned chicken carcasses, enough to kill scores of dogs.

The poison had been placed actually on a popular walking trail in plain sight with the obvious intention of killing as many animals as possible. This was so close to the Alevkaya picnic site that children, as well as family pets, could easily have been victims. Leaving deadly poison on the tracks is a form of terrorism clearly aimed at killing the use of the area for tourism and recreation.

Normally we walk with up to a dozen dogs which could all have been killed. In fact we were worried by the danger of processional caterpillars so, luckily, most dogs were on their restraints. We removed several bags of poisoned bait because just leaving or burying it risked the death of any natural carnivores left in the hills. If we cannot enjoy the beauty of Cyprus without fear of death or injury to ourselves or our pets there is no point living here.

The Roots Ramblers in happier times walking free of danger with their dogs.

Roots Ramblers rambling throughout the winter months

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  1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Thank you all for running this wonderful website.

  2. Many thanks for the warning. Over the years I have had several of my precious dogs poisoned in this way. What is the antidate carried please?

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