Turkish water has arrived in Northern Cyprus

Turkish water has arrived

in Northern Cyprus


By Chris Elliott

Yes, for those doubting Thomas’s including those in the Republic of Cyprus, water has arrived in Water ProjectNorthern Cyprus from Turkey and what a wonderful technological achievement it is. Those of us that live here in the North have seen major construction works going on in many places with stock piles of huge pipes by the wayside which in a number of areas have already been laid in the process of creating a vast water distribution network that could ultimately feed the whole island if commonsense prevailed.

Perhaps the Greek Cypriots in the south could set aside their dreams of trying to re-create that lost Hellenic dream and accept the truth of the past and join with the Turkish Cypriots in the north either together or as separate states and grab those opportunities to work together to make the Island of Cyprus that Jewel in the Mediterranean it once was and could be again.

Water reached Cyprus

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said: “It’s all over, water reached Cyprus. Next step is to perform distribution Bulent Arincand water management”. Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc continued his speech:

“Now, we can say with pride that Turkish technology and contracting services are in the first three in the world. There is no doubt that we perform much bigger capacity contracting services in different areas.  By increasing these kinds of examples in maritime areas, we will come to an exceptionally strong point. Nearly 75 million cubic meters of water per year will be taken to Cyprus from Turkey. It’s all over, water reached Cyprus. Next step is to perform distribution and water management.”

In his speech at the ceremony of launching local seismic research vessel “TURKUAZ” to sea at İstanbul ship yard in Tuzla,  Bülent Arınç indicated that “Seismic research ship” words have been heard much more in recent years and added : “Piri Reis, Barbaros Hayrettin and this ship which is purchased from abroad will operate around Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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  1. Yes, but how long to put the pipes in on the island and distribute the water? Getting it from Turkey was the easy part.

    • They say the first step is the longest mile and that was laying the pipe from Turkey to TRNC so now once all of thwe land pipes are laid then we can all glug as much as you like

  2. This is an amazing achievement!! Well done to everyone involved. It is great to have some good news in this troubled world!! Congratulations!!

      • Well said kyrenia commentator! Truly amazing achievement, well done to all the people involved! We watched the work being done at the reservoir and surrounding areas and I think if more people had seen that they wouldn’t be so quick to judge. The water is very good price now for such a dry country and if it goes up so what!! In the summer we will all be thankful for constant running water! Wow, you just can’t please some people ……

      • Thank you Karen, there is still a lot to tell about this project and we hope to write more very soon.

        This article has had such a fantastic reading so perhopes its the hope for good news that is exciting people and why not its time the pendulum began to swing in a positive fashion.

  3. I agree with the statement that you cannot please everyone. The truth is I heard about the dream of bringing water to Cyprus when I was young. at 59 it was decades ago. Cyprus has had droughts and water shortages for millennia, this may not be the panacea for all the problems but it cannot but fail to impact positively on the lives of the locals. In addition it should if used correctly have a positive impact on the negotiating position of the TCs. Unlike the oil/gas problem which has national and international implications this is a real and positive economic booster

    • Sounds to me that when the water starts to flow around the island (North side at least) then it’s a game changing position. In the south if they don’t want a share then they have to go to Israel, Egypt or Greece for water at what price and when in the future?

      On the point of funding, it would be lunacy for the EU to continue to fund South Cyprus if will not buy water from the North when it’s on the island already and can be shared.

  4. Dear Mr Elliot…
    I have just seen footage on facebook confirming gushing water through canals in Northern Cyprus.
    Can you verify and complete a new article regarding this great news.