TRNC News Today 25th March 2015 – Bilgic: “We maintain our determination for a solution”

TRNC News Today 25th March 2015

Bilgiç: “We maintain our determination for a solution”

Spokesman of Turkish Foreign Ministry Tanju Bilgiç evaluated the statements regarding resumption of negotiations in Cyprus. In his Tanju Bilgiçstatement, Bilgiç said “TRNC and Turkey maintain their determination for a permanent solution in Cyprus. The Greek Cypriot side left the negotiation table by making the studies of the Turkish Cypriot side an excuse. In fact, this is an indication of insincerity. However, if a comprehensive solution is reached in Cyprus, the issue of natural resources can be solved. The Turkish Cypriot side is continuing to maintain their determination and political will to continue negotiations within the framework of the joint statement dated 11 February 2014 but only the Turkish Cypriot side’s will is not enough to find a solution. We expect the Greek Cypriot side to end their unilateral activities immediately and return to the negotiation table. Turkey always supports the TRNC in every field and will continue to support in the future”.

Lillikas conveyed his demand to Greek President and Former Prime Minister for pan ethnic conference

Chairman of Citizens’ Alliance Yorgos Lillikas stated during his Athens visit that the negotiation atmosphere Yorgos Lillikasin Cyprus is very threatening for the Greek Cypriot side. Greek Cypriot daily Simerini noted that following his meeting with Greece’s President and Former Prime Minister, Lillikas said that in these difficult days, Cyprus needs a powerful Greece and Greece needs an independent Cyprus. According to the news, Pavlopulos said that the so called occupation of Cyprus is nonsense and Karamanlis is against a solution like the Annan plan.

Athens disturbed by attitudes and statements of Greek Cypriot authorities

Speaker of Greek Parliament Zoi Konstantopulu who is continuing his Greek Flagcontacts in South Cyprus conveyed Athens’ disturbance from attitudes and statements of Greek Cypriot authorities to his collocutors in the Greek Cypriot side. Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros noted that as a reply to expressions of Greek Cypriot Finance Minister Haris Yeorgiadis regarding Greece, Konstantopulu said that solidarity between Greece and South Cyprus cannot be negotiated. According to Fileleftheros, the solidarity should be stressed in each opportunity and it will never be put at risk for malicious intentions.

EU financial aid program towards TRNC

Yesterday, the European Commission called for 1.5 million Euros worth of financial aid for improving schools in European Commissionthe Turkish Cypriot side. According to the statement of Cyprus Representative Office of the European Commission, the aim of Financial Aid Program is “Supporting improvement of quality and efficiency in education, supporting justice, social harmony and active citizenship” and supporting “life-long education and activities which develop entrepreneurship”.

“Shared Service Model in Municipalities” introduced by International Experts

“Shared Service Model in Municipalities” prepared by international

32 Time for beach cleaning

experts has been introduced at the Ministry of Internal Affairs today.

International experts made a presentation concerning the details of the project to the Mayors of Yeni Boğaziçi, Serdarlı and Geçitkale yesterday.

It has been recorded that there is consensus among three municipalities in the issue of carrying out the services of collecting garbage and cleaning the environment together.

As a result of the studies implemented together with the international experts for 6 months for the purpose of increasing the activities of the municipalities in the TRNC and for shaping their future, the final point is reached at the study for developing cooperation opportunities.

Eventful demonstration in front of “Bank of Cyprus”

Around 200 bondholders made an eventful demonstration in front of the headquarters of the Bank of Cyprus in Bank of Cyprus logoSouth Cyprus yesterday.

According to the Greek Cypriot daily Alithia, the demonstrators tried to enter into the building by breaking windows of the bank and throwing stones and they shouted slogans as ‘thieves’, ‘give our money back’ and assaulted the head of Greek Cypriot Central Bank Hristalla Yorgacis verbally.

A woman demonstrator was injured during the protest and was taken to the Greek Cypriot State Hospital.

The newspaper also noted in another news item that the workers of Greek Cypriot Electricity Department (AIK) had a strike in order to oppose privatization.

Journalist Uludağ will make a presentation regarding ‘missing persons’

Journalist – author Sevgül Uludağ will speak about the ‘missing persons’ to the Greek Cypriot youngsters in South Cyprus.

According to the statement made by Uludağ, the main topic of the bi-communal activity themed ‘Under the Same Sky’ organized by the Greek Cypriot youth organization EDON, will be ‘bi-communal dimension of the issue of missing persons’ which is the common sorrow of both Turkish and Greek Cypriots.

Sevgül Uludağ, who was awarded the “European Citizenship Prize” by the European Parliament due to her studies concerning ‘missing persons’ will meet with the Greek Cypriot youngsters in Larnaca, Lefkoşa and Limassol and will forward her studies on ‘missing persons’ and ‘mass graves’ with a presentation consisting of photographs.

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