TRNC News Today 18th March 2015 – Eroglu: “waiting for my collocutor at the table”

TRNC News Today 18th March 2015

President Eroğlu: “I’m waiting for my collocutor at the table”

President Eroğlu said that most probably in the first weeks of April, returning to the negotiation table can be announced.

Dervis Eroglu smlEroğlu received UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide yesterday. After the meeting Eide and Eroğlu made statements to the press together.

In his statement Eroğlu said that according to Eide, Greek leader Nikos Anastasiades intends to return to the table; and Eroğlu is already at the table waiting for his collocutor.

In his speech UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser Espen Barth Eideon Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide stated that the hydrocarbon crisis is being resolved and he thinks that the negotiations will start again in a short period of time like several weeks.

Stating that he also met with Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades, Eide said that he and also the leaders have a joint feeling that the hydrocarbon crisis is being resolved, the conditions will be shaped again in a short period of time and then they can Nikos Anastasiadisannounce resumption of negotiations.

Eide said “Spring will be more promising than autumn. We can obtain optimism from good air and spring”.

Recording that the negotiations will not only restart but the talks will be performed faster than it’s planned, Eide said “I want to emphasize again, this needs to be confirmed and declared. However I feel that both sides have the desire to make this possible. This will happen in few weeks not in a few months.”

On a question about how to overcome the hydrocarbon crisis, Eide reminded that the duration of Navtex which was published in response to some activities by the Turkish Cypriot side will end on 6th of April, and stated that there is an overall picture that resumption of negotiations within a few weeks is possible.

Davutoğlu: “Cyprus problem is not a difficult problem”

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu remarked on the Cyprus problem during a meeting with  Chairman of Ahmet Davutogluthe Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament Elmar Brok and his accompanying delegation.

Replying to the question of the members of the delegation whether withdrawal of the Turkish army from Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus could be a first step for the process or not, Davutoğlu said “if the Annan Plan held in 2004 had been accepted back then, we would not have been talking about these issues today”.

Davutoğlu added “We give any kind of support, but we will never allow Turkish Cypriots to live in ghettos again. The Cyprus problem is not a difficult problem, contra-wise it is an easy one as long as there is political will”.

Kiprianu: “Decisions imposed by EU on South Cyprus ruined our economy”

The Greek Cypriot Administration Progressive Party of working Andros Kiprianupeople (AKEL) leader Andros Kyprianu said that the decisions imposed to South Cyprus by the EU ruined the economy of the Greek side.

Meeting with Greece’s Prime Minister Aleksis Tsipras, Kiprianu stressed that the decisions imposed on South Cyprus by the EU ruined the economy of Greek side. Kiprianu said “if these decisions were not taken our economy would be in a better state, we don’t believe that these decisions are inevitable.”

Furthermore, Kiprianu said “Many decisions taken in the EU are unfortunately not taken only with economic criteria but with political criteria. The powerful circles impose their views on all countries and people. We are against this approach.”

AKEL criticized Greek Cypriot Government in Athens

The Secretary General of AKEL Andros Kiprianu having talks in Athens made critical comments by saying that AKELhe doesn’t know the attitude of Greek Cypriot Government on Greece’s new efforts regarding the new credit agreement.

Kiprianu said that Anastasiades in his public statements supports the efforts of Greece government’s efforts on Economy, but the Greek Finance Minister is making completely different statements at the ministerial meetings and public statements. Furthermore, Kiprianu added that he didn’t know what the real thesis of Greek Cypriot Government is.

In a statement on behalf of the Government, The Greek Cypriot Government Spokesman Viktoras Papadopulos in reaction to Kiprianu’s words characterized AKEL’s expressing political disputes of the country in Greece territory as “sad”.

Greek Cypriots’ trust in institutions is low

According to the results of the survey made in South Cyprus by “Prime Market Research and Consulting”, Greek Cypriots’ trust in institutions and authorities is very low.Cyprus Flag

According to the survey results, people have no trust 45,5% for parliament, 58,7% for parties, 57,6% for Cyprus Bank, 32,6% for government and 57,4% for any bank.

Distrust to unions is 43,6%, 24,8% to mass communication tools, 28,2% to the Church and 29% to the judiciary.

Decision taken in case of Aydın Dikmen does not please the Greek Cypriots

Munich Higher Regional Court ordered on Monday the return of 34 ancient artifacts to Greek Cypriot Administration and 49 ancient artifacts to Aydın Dikmen who has claimed TRNC Flag lgthat he smuggled the items mentioned above from Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, noted Greek Cypriot daily Alithia.

The newspaper stated that Munich Higher Regional Court announced the decision in the case of Aydın Dikmen after 11 years. The newspaper stated that the Court demands more investigations concerning the origin of some of the items and added that concerning the 49 items, the Court has not found the documentation of 49 items sufficient and has taken the decision to return them to Aydın Dikmen.

It was also noted by the newspaper that the Greek Cypriot Church has reacted against the situation and it gave the guarantee that the artifacts will be returned to Greek Cypriot Administration.

Dismissal of governor of Greek Central Bank is in Clerides’  hands

It was reported that after the scandal emerged in the last few days, Hristalla Yorgacisdismissal discussions of Central Bank Governor Hristalla Yorgacis still carry on.

Greek Cypriot dailies remarked that Attorney General Clerides received a letter from Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades requesting examining the possibility of carrying the issue of the dismissal of Yorgacis to Supreme Court.

Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros’ economy supplement noted that the European Central Bank is aware of the events with the head of the Central Bank in South Cyprus and following the issue.

Furthermore, Fileleftheros noted that The European Central Bank resources explained that The European Central Bank doesn’t have a say at the appointment of central bank heads, however have a say for dismissal.

Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry to attend CEBIT Fair

Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry is going to attend CEBIT International Technology Fair in Hannover, Germany.Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry

According to the statement of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry, the country’s technology companies BT Days Cyprus Industry and Trade Ltd, Niyel Technologies Ltd, NCE Consulting Ltd, Aerian Solutions Ltd will attend the fair.

Around 3500 technology companies from different countries will attend the CEBIT International Technology Fair.

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