TRNC News Today 13th March 2015 – Parliamentary committee held talks in European Parliament

TRNC News Today 13th March 2015

Parliamentary committee held talks in EP

The committee of Parliament consisting of CTP-BG Deputy Armağan Candan, UBP Deputy Ersan Saner and DP-UG Deputy Menteş Gündüz held talks at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The committee held talks at EP with Social Democrat Group, Centre- European Union Parliamentright Group, Liberal Democrat Group, Greens and the Conservative Group.

TRNC Parliamentary Committee informed their counterparts about ‘the need of a positive conclusion in the Cyprus negotiation process based on the UN parameters without delay and the final phase of natural gas and hydrocarbon explorations in the Eastern Mediterranean’.

The committee also discussed sensitivities about Cyprus paragraph of Turkey report currently being discussed in the EP, importance of Hellim on the Turkish Cypriot Economy, taking forward the Direct Trade Regulation that is waiting on the agenda of EP, and the importance of  the continuation of the works of the Committee on Missing Persons without being politicized were stressed.

The committee also informed counterparts about EU harmonization works in the TRNC, and recorded that Turkey Report of EP that also includes a paragraph on Cyprus will be discussed in the coming weeks and will be presented to the EP General Assembly, in the report a call was made to the leaders to start comprehensive solution negotiations as soon as possible in order to conclude the process in Cyprus with an agreement.

The committee met with Turkey’s Permanent Representative at the Council of Europe Ambassador Erdoğan İşcan on the last day of their contacts.

EU provided 2.6 million euros extra fund to the Committee on Missing Persons

European Union (EU) has provided additional funds to the Committee on Missing Persons in order to support their work.CMP and map image

According to the statement of the European Commission, at the beginning of 2015 the European Commission has signed the 7th contribution agreement with the United Nations Development Program and contributed the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus with 2.6 million Euros extra.

In the statement it is specified that more than 2 million euros have been transferred for use, and the additional funds are to highlight that the European Union will continue its determination on supporting the Committee.

Bicommunal Cyprus Dialogue Forum was promoted

The Cyprus Dialogue Forum was promoted with a press meeting held in the buffer zone yesterday.

Negotiation delegations under the presidency of Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergün Olgun and Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyannis, representatives of political parties, unions and non-governmental organizations and businessmen attended the press meeting.

Ergun Olgun image

Andreas Mavroyannis

In the joint declaration, it was stated:

“The Cyprus Dialogue Forum is created as a response to a need for an inclusive and permanent space for structured dialogue and knowledge- sharing in which issues and challenges of common concern can be addressed. Through joint reflection and consensus building we believe this dialogue will address issues related to the Cyprus problem, by focusing and strengthening the flow of information between the wider society and the leaderships.

Since April 2014 we have been working relentlessly to put together a Single-Text document, representing the statute of the Forum in order to guide us in our future efforts. The document you hold in front of you has been carefully designed by all participating organizations in a series of over 70 meetings through a sincere process of consensus. During this time, the process has been supported by UNDP-ACT, which has played a supporting secretariat role.

As the Forum we aim:

– To act as a platform to understand and discuss perspectives across the multiple segments of Cypriot society on political, socio-economic, cultural and educational issues. – To create public awareness, acknowledge and incorporate the inputs of the wider public and help to prepare both communities for a solution.  – To create a space for citizens to raise and address issues that are not included in the negotiation process.

We commit ourselves:

– To create common understandings and shared visions of the future.  – To embrace multi-perspectives and build a culture of co-existence based on shared values and solidarity.

Our role is to support the negotiations and all efforts to reach a mutually agreed federal solution, by acting as an inclusive participatory platform for dialogue. Through providing support and assistance, shared knowledge resources and common safe spaces, we aim to strengthen the culture of dialogue and reach common understandings on various issues and interests among Cyprus’ political, economic and social stakeholders.

The legitimacy of the Forum derives from its inclusivity and transparency. Therefore, as an open platform of cooperation and discussion between political, economic and social organizations in both communities, we call upon other organizations to join our efforts.”

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