January 30, 2023

Project Roots – Clean up Küçük Erenkőy’s


By Chris Elliott….

Having helped the Luckhurst family at the Roots bar with a few promotional articles in the past about the Roots Ramblers, it was nice recently for Margaret and I to make a detour off the Tatlisu/ Esentepe bypass to have coffee with them at Roots Bar, Küçük Erenköy.

It was nice to get to know Tina and Ian Luckhurst and also admire the wonderful views towards the mountains and of course seawards and we also sat and talked to Hannah Luckhurst & Ashley Webb and they told us about a project they have started to raise public awareness of the need to maintain the beauty and freshness of our coastline by cleaning and preserving beaches and they told us about their following project.

Project Roots – Clean up Küçük Erenkőy’s Beaches!

Project aim

Our aim is to clean up North Cyprus’s Coastline! We will focus initially on the collection of man-made waste that has washed up on our shores, restoring the Ashley, Hannah, Tina and Ianland and beaches to their natural (plastic free) state. 

About the project

We, at Project Roots, feel very passionately about the Coast of North Cyprus. We have visited Cyprus for the past 6 to 8 years and have now been permanent working residents for the past 3 years. After trying to enjoy Cyprus’s beaches for so long we have decided that something needs to be done about the rubbish that collects on most of the beaches in our area. We are unsure exactly where the plastic bottles and odd flip flops come from but we want to try to make a difference to at least two large bays in Küçük Erenköy (Tatlisu).

Ashley, Hannah, Tina and Ian.

We will remove all waste from the beaches and headland and to do this we need your help. Funds will help to pay for labour, correct disposal of the waste and heavy duty machinery that will be needed in some areas. We also aim to use the funds to encourage the re-growth of indigenous plants and trees to this area and subsequently, create a natural habitat, to encourage Cyprus’s Wildlife to flourish once again.

We want to bring the coast of North Cyprus back to life!

For those readers who would like to help you can either pledge some financial support via Crowdfunder.co.uk by clicking here or email rootsbar@hotmail.com if you would like to offer some other form of help.

Please also visit the Roots Bar Facebook page for their local news click here

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