October 1, 2022

Kamiloğlu Hospital – Kyrenia

Medical Centre

Health Campaign

By Margaret Sheard….

I had occasion to visit Kamiloğlu Hospital – Kyrenia Medical Centre a year or so ago with a back problem caused by lifting a heavy gas cylinder, in an awkward manner, and had many checks which Kamiloglu Hastanesi logoresulted in a diagnosis and the necessity to take medication for a year and then undergo a further scan to see how things were going.

So I duly made an appointment to see Dr Hűseyin Kalgay the Orthopaedic Surgeon, and to have a further bone density scan.  I have to say that I cannot fault this medical centre on its efficiency and more importantly the friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

While talking to an English lady who helps with reception for English patients, she mentioned the on-going health campaign at the medical centre and we thought it a good idea to remind people to have regular health checks which for various reasons sometimes get delayed or forgotten about.

The medical centre offers special well-man and well-woman checks with an early cancer diagnosis and screening program which covers the following:-

For Women For Men
Chest X-RayMammographyAbdominal ultrasoundStool Occult Blood SearchUrinalysisComplete Blood CountSedimentation

Smear Test                      

Special fee of 250TL


Chest X-RayAbdominal ultrasoundStool Occult Blood SearchUrinalysisComplete Blood CountSedimentationPSA (Cancer Marker

Special fee of 300TL

In addition women can have a CA125 blood test for ovarian cancer for an additional 50TL  

The results are evaluated by a doctor and referred to the relevant departments.

In addition to the above there are Thyroid Cancer Screening tests at 150TL, Heart check-up at 300TL, and a full check-up at 500TL.   There are many other checks, for pregnant women and also babies and under 40’s/over 40’s check-ups within the scope of the services offered by Kamiloğlu Hospital.Kamiloglu Hospital

As an expatriate being used to dealing with medical centres in the UK, it is very reassuring that there are similar centres now here in North Cyprus and even better there is no waiting for appointments and referrals and the important results, people are dealt with politely, efficiently and in a friendly manner and are treated as people – not numbers.

Things do get better and better here in North Cyprus, there are still some problem areas in other fields but the medical centres, and in my case Kamiloğlu Hospital – Kyrenia Medical Centre, are doing a brilliant job.

To see list of checks which are available at Kamiloğlu Hospital – Kyrenia Medical Centre click here

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