December 3, 2022

Greek Republic of South Cyprus and Russia conclude deals

“Ports in return for debt relief”

By Dr Christian Heinze

The TRNC PIO news (27.2.2015) tells us of the Greek Republic of South Cyprus having concluded this week new contracts between GRSC and Russia providing GRSC with financial favours and Russia with economic and transport conveniences in the middle of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. (To read the full PIO article please click here).Russian Navy

Considering hints emanating from mainland Greece to the possibility of Greece impeding European politics towards Russia or even joining – with its purportedly formidable European-financed military forces – the Russian camp unless Europe forgets several hundreds of billion Euro’s with which it had recently credited Greece and adds a few dozen more, it would be interesting to learn more about the contents and possible effects of the recent agreements between the other Greek EU-member and Russia.

Will the EU or NATO or some of its member governments investigate and let us know the results as well as consequences they plan to derive from them?

Christian Heinze, 2015 02 28

Editors Notes.

Dr Christian Heinze was tDr Christian Heinze 3he Assistant to the late President of the Constitutional Court of the “Republic of Cyprus” in Nicosia in 1962/63.

In a recent article “Cyprus Conflict In A Nutshell” Dr Christian Heinze said there are four solutions to resolve the Cyprus issue which you may read by clicking here,.

To read more of Christians Heinze’s articles and analysis of the Cyprus issue, please visit his website click here

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades speaks to Russian President Vladimir Putin during their meeting at the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence outside Moscow

12 thoughts on “Greek Republic of South Cyprus and Russia conclude deals By Christian Heinze

  1. Christian Heinze you are an apologist. When willl the EU or NATO or some of its member governments take action to liberate Northern Cyprus from Turkey and the Anatolian Turks?

    1. Cominos welcome back to cyprusscene with your latest comment.

      Do remember we have asked you before to be more specific when making claims by backing it up with facts so that our readers really understand the point you are trying to make and are not confused.

      If Christian Heinze can take the time to make a case then so should you for the opposite point of view. The flow of a debate is important and any comments that try to disrupt the flow of the debate will be deleted.

  2. What is there to back up, it is public knowledge that Turkey invaded Northern Cyprus, It is public knowledge that Turkey has unlawfully occupied Northern Cyprus for the last 40 plus years. Former American Secretary of State Kissinger has openly admitted that he gave Turkey the go ahead in 1974 to invade Turkey. How much more do you want. The British have also admitted that they too encouraged Turkey to invade. I was around in 1974 and watched it unfold. In fact I was around in 1964 when things were happening such as the bombing of civilians by the Turkish air force using napalm purchased from the good old USA. Heinz suggests that the EU or NATO or some of its member governments investigate the Internationally recognised government of Cyprus and let us know the results as well as consequences they plan to derive from them? But I don’t hear him calling for the investigation of the same bodies into the unlawful activities of Turkey in Northern Cyprus over the last 40 years. There is an applicable saying and that is what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Personally I hope that the Russians establish a base right next door to the ones occupied by the British so that they can keep an eye on the British, Americans and the Turks.

    I hope that I have explained my self.

    1. Cominos that is better but you still are muddying the water with your comments as you said “Former American Secretary of State Kissinger has openly admitted that he gave Turkey the go ahead in 1974 to invade Turkey.

      Now that’s a turn up for the books that no one has been talking about for the past 50 years!

      As for your liking of Russian bases in South Cyprus can you imagine US bases in the North of Cyprus and why not if the Greek Cypriots keep playing one world power off against another just to keep their bankrupt and badly managed state out of debt. The penny is dropping and the world is getting tired of the antics of the so called EU Cyprus member.

      1. Quite frankly American bases in Northern Cyprus would be a good thing; it would be another way to make the Americans suffer. Any new bases involving the Turks would never work because Erdogon would do his usual, he would have that many unworkable terms and conditions.

        Do you really think that the Americans are going to be that stupid?

        You will see in the following website that the Americans have finally woken up that the Turk are not their friends

        Incidentally Kissinger has written a number of books in which he has openly admitted his involvement in the 1974 Turkish invasion. Do your research.

        According to the 1923 treaty of Lausanne Turkey had renounced all claim to Cyprus, so it had to manufacture a series of arguments – historical, geographical and above all strategic – to justify its interest in the island. In 1956 Nihat Erim submitted a report to prime minister Adnan Menderes, which can be considered the blueprint for Turkey’s strategy over the last 50 years. The Erim report clearly states that the only solution for Cyprus consists of partition under Turkish control and mentions population exchange and settlement by mainland Turks as means to this end. The following year the Turkish Cypriot leader, Dr Fazil Küçük, proposed a division of the island that corresponds to the final line of the Turkish advance, the Atilla Line, in 1974.

      2. Thank you Cominos and because of your persistence in pushing outdated ideology you have created tremendous readings of this article around the world and support for the question of truthfulness and the Turkish Cypriot cause.

        You say: “You will see in the following website that the Americans have finally woken up that the Turk are not their friends” which was old and outdated (2007) or if you prefer, perhaps a Red Herring click here

        As we are talking about the past, you may find this article will add to your knowledge of the truth of the past ” Did the Greeks offer to partition Cyprus” click here

  3. Caminos, Unsubstantiated assertions are not evidence nor are they arguments but that is all you offer. And you link your vacuous assertions with logic so broken you would make a child shake her head in dismay.
    Nobody ‘encouraged’ Turkey to invade, in fact they were obstructing the intervention of the ongoing genocide by the Greeks & GCs.
    Turkey is one of our guarantors that has helped us to survive your misaligned politics and are here to maintain our freedom.

  4. ”I was around in 1974 and watched it unfold. In fact I was around in 1964 when things were happening”. Strange that you was around but missed everything else that happened on the island like 30.000 Turkish Cypriot refugees in the 1960s. The murder of hundreds of Greek Cypriots by EOKA for being so called ”Bro-odes/Traitors. Oops sorry you also missed the coup that claimed hundreds of Greek lives by their own people. After all that, its hypocritical to accuse Turkey of invasion than in the same message you want another military presence from a country like Russia who seems to thrive on military conquest, and the murder of its citizens for simply voicing a counter argument to wars you claim to hate. Cominos, are you sure you are of sound thinking? Please invite the Russians to free you from everyone else. Perhaps you can start the ball rolling by leaving the EU, after all you hate the West with a passion, so why join the group?

    1. Ohhh Ismail you recollection and powers of reason and honesty are just breathtaking. Can a Turkish Cypriot stand for election as the next President of the Republic of South Cyprus? 🙂 🙂

  5. The trouble with the likes of Cominos is that they willfully remain defiant and arrogant about the facts of Cyprus. And no matter how we try they just don’t want to come to terms with what they attempted to do to the Turkish Cypriots. Akritas Plan comes to mind and this is even available through the internet.

    That basically sums it all up.

    Henry Kissinger did want Turkey to intervene but not in 1974 but as early as 1964. This was brought about as a result of the Cuban Missile Crises and the US didn’t want a similar occurrence in the eastern Mediterranean knowing full well that Greece always sided with Russia. Today, Greece and south Cyprus is proving the west’s concerns by siding up with Russia despite sanctions by their own member states.

    What they are currently doing amounts to treason. As the famous adage goes “beware Greeks bearing gifts”.

    Why didn’t Turkey intervene in 1964? Because under the terms of the Guarantee Treaty, there was then insufficient cause for intervening and they wanted to see a resolution and return to normal under UN auspices. But even the UN’s presence did not deter Greek Cypriot aggression towards the Turkish Cypriots. In fact, the UN proved to be too weak. Turkey upheld the right to intervene in 1974 as the Greek National Guard backed by the Greek military junta in Athens put into place the plan of annexing Cyprus with Greece after toppling Makarios and being duped by the CIA that Turkey would not be allowed to intervene. The Greeks attempted to kill all TC’s and did so by rounding up the civilian population of several villages e.g. Murataga, Sandallar and Atlilar. This was enough reason for Turkey to come to the rescue.

    I refer you to a book, “The Cyprus Conspiracy: America, Espionage and the Turkish Invasion” by Brendan O’Malley and Ian Craig. You can read it online and perhaps be better informed instead of incessantly embarrassing yourself and your people!

    1. Thank you Altan, the facts as they continue to appear in this debate only strengthen the case of truthfulness and that of the Turkish Cypriot cause.

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