TRNC News Today 26th February 2015 – Greek Cypriot Government – 11 Treaties with Russia

TRNC News Today 26th February 2015

11 treaties with Russia

While EU and Russia have tense relations, the Greek Cypriot Government and Russia have signed 11 international treaties in fields of trade, energy, transportation, agriculture, cultural and tourism and Cyprus and Russian flageven which includes easiness to Russian navy ships in the Mediterranean.

According to the agreement, Russian navy ships will be able to use Southern Cyprus ports and train their military personnel.

Russia also restructured the 2.5 billion Euros debt which was given to the Greek Cypriot side to provide economic stability.

On the other hand, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs –  Mogherini indicated that Russia is trying to divide EU.

Minister Nami is holding contacts in Oman

Following the completion of his contacts in Jeddah, Foreign Minister Özdil Nami and his delegation have moved on to Oman’s capital city of Muscat.

Minister Nami held his first meeting with Ahmed Suilamani Al –Abbas, Deputy Minister of the Oman Ministry of Commerce and Industry. While many topics were discussed at the nearly hour-long meeting, Minister Nami conveyed brief information to Al-Abbas pertaining to the Cyprus negotiation process. Indicating that the Turkish Cypriot people retain their strong commitment to a federal solution in Cyprus, Nami underlined that the isolation, which prevents the Turkish Cypriots from integrating with the rest of the world in all fields, is a violation of fundamental human rights.

FM Ozdil Nami and Ahmed Suilamani Al –Abbas

Furthermore, Nami stated that it is illogical that the isolation is continuing despite the calls made in the reports of the UN Secretary General to lift it, and thus emphasized the importance of the brotherly Muslim countries to take steps in this regard. Emphasizing that commercial relations can be developed between Northern Cyprus and Oman, Nami provided Al-Abbas with information regarding manufacturing and investment opportunities in our country.

Expressing his contentment for the visit of Foreign Minister Özdil Nami, Al-Abbas indicated his wish for commercial relations to develop between the two countries, particularly pointing to the importance of cooperation between the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of their countries.

Within the framework of his contacts, Minister Nami also participated in the dinner hosted by Uğur Doğan, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Muscat, and also met with Hasan Kemal Yardımcı, Deputy Minister of Defence of Turkey, who was in Muscat for official purposes. Nami also gave interviews to various press institutions at the TRNC Representation Office in Muscat.

Official Statement by Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding 23rd Anniversary of the Khojaly Massacre

On the 23rd Anniversary of the massacre of hundreds of innocent Azerbaijani cognates which took place in the Khojaly town of Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region on 26 February 1992, the Turkish Cypriot people deeply feel the pain and share the grief of the brotherly people of Azerbaijan.Khojaly map

This tragic event is like an open wound for the people of Azerbaijan, as well as the Turkish nation. The Turkish Cypriot Community had witnessed similar tormenting events not too long ago, when they were victim to brutal attacks, losing many lives.

The Khojaly massacre which took place before the eyes of the world is a stark reminder of the dark side of conflicts and wars, and once again brings to light the necessity to develop good neighbourly and cooperative relations among countries for serenity and stability. Also, it reminds us of the need to embrace peace.

We shall continue to be by the side of the friendly and fraternal people of Azerbaijan in their just and rightful struggle.

Çavuşoğlu asked for support from Azerbaijan

Foreign Affairs Minister of Turkish Republic Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu asked for support from Azerbaijan for the TRNC being an observer member in Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic Speaking Countries.

Çavuşoğlu said “TRNC is an observer member state in both Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and Economic Cooperation Organization. We hope that the TRNC will become an observer member in Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic Speaking Countries as well”.

“We need an education system that can help us to struggle with chauvinism throughout the Island”

Political parties from TRNC and Southern Cyprus which gathered in the buffer zone have agreed that an education system is needed to struggle with the Chauvinism throughout the Island.Education

Some political parties from TRNC and Southern Cyprus gathered in the Ledra Palace Hotel situated in the Nicosia Buffer Zone in the framework of a routine meeting organized by the Slovakian Embassy.

According to the statement made at the end of the meeting held on the issue of “Education’s role on solution of Cyprus problem”, political parties have discussed how education can contribute to solve the Cyprus problem. Political parties indicated that education must be used as a tool to develop peace culture and create an environment which can grasp all parts.

It is also recorded that political parties are defending the view of promoting the unions, institutions and teacher’s mutual respect, understanding, tolerance and equality in education.

Panagia Melandrina Church has been restored

Panagia Melandrina Church

Picture courtesy of UNDP

Restoration of “Panagia Melandrina Church” situated in Bahçeli has been completed. The representatives of the Cultural Heritage Technical Committee, the European Commission and United Nations Development Programme visited the church and examined the works of the project. 137 thousand Euros was spent on the maintenance and repair works of the project which was launched in April, 2013. Co-chairman of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage Ali Tuncay expressed their belief on the restoration of buildings that is related with the cooperation and constitution of human affairs and added that this is a connection to the past and such a door that opens to the future.

Stating that for the prior projects of the Technical Committee, 6.7 million Euros has been funded by the European Commission since 2012, the coordinator of the EU Commission’s Aid Programme Alessandra Viezzer recorded that new projects will be funded. Stating that one of the reasons of the EU’s support to the projects is to build bridges among societies, Alessandra Viezzer highlighted that it is important in terms of demonstrating that if there is a will there is a way.

European Mediterranean Art Association and Rooftop Theatre Group make a call for visual art event

An open call has been made for the second time in order to determine four Cypriot artists who want to attend the European Union logovisual art event organized by European Mediterranean Art Association and Rooftop Theatre Group.

According to the statement, “Confrontation Through Art: Contemporary Art as an Instrument for Reconciliation in Cyprus”  has been funded by the European Union within the framework of 2014-2017 project, there will be a series of workshops, and exhibitions which will take place in the middle of March and will last for 10 days.

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