December 3, 2022

Tulips and BRS receive vital

equipment donations from Dağlı Sigorta

By Chris Elliott

Yesterday 24th February 2015 I went along to the Merit Royal Hotel, Alsancak to help record the presentation by Trevor and Mary Hughes and Novber Dağlı of Dağlı Sigorta of two wheelchairs to Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips) andDagli Sigorta donation picture 1 the British Residents’ Society (BRS).

Week in week out we see here in Northern Cyprus so many events geared to raising donations to help various charities and for caring people to focus on purchasing and donating much needed equipment makes so much sense.

As we have come to expect from Carole and Sue of Tulips they send out excellent press releases following events so we decided to publish their review of this event as it brings into sharp focus  the need for equipment donations if they are to continue to support people who are needing help and support .


Today at the Merit Royal Hotel we attended a presentation of a Wheelchair  to Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association.

Trevor and Mary Hughes represent Dağlı Sigorta and have been collecting, with Dağlı Sigorta,  bottle tops which are then delivered to Famagusta.Trevor and Mary Hughes

Every 250 kilos of bottle tops collected gets them one wheelchair and it has taken them approximately 3 months to collect enough for 2 wheelchairs.  One today was presented to Tulips and the other to the BRS. 

They pointed out that by far the biggest donor of bottle tops was Mackenzie Freeland of the English School of Kyrenia in Bellapais.

Those attending today were Trevor and Mary Hughes, Novber Dağlı (all OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfrom Dağlı Sigorta), Engin Savim, Sue Tilt and Carole King, (all from Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association) and David Brown from British Residents’ Society (BRS).

On behalf of Tulips/HTWCA we would like to thank Dağlı Sigorta, including Trevor and Mary, for their contribution of this wheelchair, as it is the one piece of equipment that we never seem to have enough of.  Some of our patients are so ill that they cannot walk or support themselves, so a wheelchair is an absolute essential.

Most of our patients are cared for at home and it is here that we need to help families of cancer patients by providing items of equipment to hBottle topselp make life easier for the family/carers, it could be a wheelchair, a special mattress, a drip stand, a hoist – anything.  Obviously these need updating and renewing at times.

Engin presented Novber Dağlı with a plaque in appreciation of their support, and we would like to record our appreciation of Trevor and Mary Hughes as well as Novber Dağlı for all their efforts in helping Tulips/HTWCA.

Carole and Sue”

So there we have it readers, equipment is urgently needed by these charities and if any of our  readers would like to help, please contact Carole and Sue of Tulips on and David Brown of BRS on

Dagli presentaton pictuure lrg

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