Andrew Sings….. Glen’s Birthday at Rafters, Ozankoy

Glen’s Birthday at Rafters

By Margaret Sheard….


Sunday 22nd February was the 47th birthday of Glen of Andrew Sings….. fame, and what was he doing on his birthday? working!!  Even so, he really enjoyed the afternoon as did a full house of fans of the duo.

Andrew started with some lovely old and new songs while we were all enjoying our Sunday lunch and the tempo was speeded up later for dancing.  We were also treated to a session by Glen who says he is getting more confident but he already seems very professional and confident to me and, judging by the applause, by everyone else too.  Glen and cakeThe afternoon finished off with Andrew and Glen singing together, lovely.

At one point a lovely birthday cake arrived for Glen which had been organised by Pam, one of our party, and later another cake appeared which was from Anne, another fan of Andrew and Glen.  Oh my goodness, all that cake and Andrew on a strict diet!!

Towards the end of the afternoon, Peter and Wendy (The Lady and Lad in Red) changed into their red gear to do a bit of promotion for blood donations, of which Andrew Sings….. has been very Peterv and Wendysupportive.  Peter and Wendy both thanked everyone who is able to give blood and Wendy concluded by saying… it’s not your money we are after, it’s your blood!!  They are doing a great job of promotion to encourage more and more blood donors for the future.

I took the opportunity of having a word with Glen on one of his quick exits to get some fresh air and gained a little more information about him and Andrew, who have now been together for some 24 years.  They moved around the UK several times with Andrew’s occupation as a Banker and because Glen was a Nurse he was always able to find employment at a local hospital so everything worked out well for them.

They had always intended to move to Turkey and this actually happened a year before they originally intended and they settled there in 2008 which is when the singing took off, Glen and Andrewquite by chance.  Due to the restrictive entertainment laws in Turkey Andrew and Glen decided to move to North Cyprus in 2013 where they were able to perform legally and they have not looked back since.   Glen said he wished they had made the move earlier as they are very happy in North Cyprus and are very busy with all the gigs they have scheduled for 2015.  Chris and I interviewed Andrew and Glen not long after they first arrived in North Cyprus and it is wonderful to see how well they have progressed since then – to see this article click here 

This is very much a success story and Andrew Sings….. is very popular around North Cyprus with many fans and venues who love the performances and easy style from the duo.

May we share many more birthdays with the boys here in North Cyprus.

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