TRNC News Today 24th February 2015 – Martyrs’ Families condemn European Parliament

TRNC News Today 24th February 2015

Martyrs Families condemn the European Parliament

The Association of Martyrs Families and War Veterans condemned the European Parliament for blaming the Turkish Cypriot side claiming that remains of Greek Cypriot missing persons were moved from their burial places in Paşaköy.

Ertan Ersan

Ertan Ersan

Stating that European Parliament’s resolution means making policy over missing persons, Association of Martyrs Families and War Veterans called the European Parliament to cancel its decision in order to preserve their objectivity in such a humanistic issue.

In his written statement, President of the Association Ertan Ersan stated that it is a clear proof that the EP’s decision is unilateral and the Turkish Cypriot missing persons are not examined under equal basis with Greek Cypriot missing persons in the EU.

Ersan reminded that on 14 August 1974, 84 Turkish Cypriot men were taken from Taşkent, Terazi and Tatlısu villages and were boarded on the two buses and killed by Greek Cypriots. The area of their bodies was changed because of the road works and taken to a mine, even the bones of these martyrs were broken by a bulldozer.  In 2011 it was stated to the press by the Greek Cypriots who witnessed this event and have information about the event.

Furthermore, Ersan stated that the same issue was also mentioned in the press statement of UN representative at the Committee on Missing Persons, Paul Henri Arni, on 18 February.

Foreign Minister Nami meets with OIC Secretary General Madani

Minister of Foreign Affairs Özdil Nami has gone to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to meet with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Secretary General Iyad Ameen Madani and hold a series of contacts as well.

Within the framework of his contacts in Jeddah, Minister Nami met with OIC Secretary General Iyad Ameen Madani at OIC Headquarters yesterday.

Ozdil Nami and Iyad Ameen Madani

Ozdil Nami and Iyad Ameen Madani

During the meeting which lasted about one hour, Minister Nami informed Madani about the latest developments in the Cyprus negotiations. Expressing that the Turkish Cypriot side always supports a solution and follows a constructive approach towards a solution, Minister Nami said that Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades should return to the negotiation table as soon as possible without preconditions. Adding that a comprehensive solution to be reached in Cyprus will contribute to cooperation between the Eastern Mediterranean and countries in the region, Nami expressed that the hydrocarbon issue can serve to peace. Minister Nami thanked OIC Secretary General Madani for OIC’s support given to the Turkish Cypriot people and expressed his wish to develop the current relationship between the TRNC and OIC and member countries in the following process.Nami at OIC

OIC Secretary General Madani stated that cooperation in various fields will increase and their support which they give to the Turkish Cypriot side will continue and they will be fairly appreciated to make more mutual projects in the upcoming period.

Foreign Minister Nami continued his Jeddah contacts meeting with the President of Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Mohamed Ali Al-Madani. In the meeting, Minister Nami, referring to the activities made mutually with the IDB in our country in previous periods and projects came to life, thanked  the Islamic Development Bank for its supports. The President of Islamic Development Bank Dr. Ahmad Mohammed Ali-Madani expressed his satisfaction for the meeting with Minister Nami and said that the good relationship and cooperation between Islamic Development Bank and TRNC will continue and become stronger. Minister Nami and Al-Madani also exchanged views about the further mutual projects that can be put into practice in the TRNC.

Furthermore, within the framework of his Jeddah contacts, Minister Nami had a meeting with the Jeddah Chamber of Trade and Industry (CTI) Chairman Assistant Ziad Al-Bassam at CTI headquarters.  In the meeting, Minister Nami informed  Al-Bassam about the investment possibilities in Northern Cyprus and TRNC products and exported goods. Pointing out the importance of business cooperation between TRNC and Saudi Arabia and emphasizing to improve the relations between Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Trade and Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry and Jeddah Chamber of Trade and Industry, Minister Nami invited Saudi Businessmen and investors to the TRNC.

Kamalı makes an evaluation meeting with Chamber of Industry Authorities

Deputy Prime Ministry and Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports Ministry Coordinator Orçun Kamalı reminded that with the Halloumi registry, the portion of the milk of small cattle will become more important and indicated that in this concern, small cattle producers Hellimare carrying out studies to increase the milk production.

Kamalı made an evaluation meeting with the authorities of Chamber of Industry yesterday about new government supports for exports to the EU countries, Halloumi supervision and the cooperation between the Deputy Prime Ministry and Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sports Ministry and Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry. In his speech at the meeting, Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry President Ali Çıralı summarized the Greek Cypriot side’s actions about Halloumi’s geographical registry and stated that they are against the Greek Ministry of Agriculture Natural Resources and Environment being  the Halloumi registry office. Stating that there needs to be Turkish Cypriot Non-Governmental Organizations on the supervision council which will be assigned by the EU, Çıralı also recorded that an authority of Greek Cypriot Administration will lead to abuses. Pointing out that Halloumi export is one fourth of the total exports of the country, Çıralı recorded that Halloumi is the mainstay of 17% of the population.

Exhibition about Mufti Hacı Ali Rıfkı’s life to be opened

An exhibition about the life of Hacı Ali Rıfkı who was a Mufti during 1800s in Cyprus is going to be organized. GAU logo smlThe Exhibition, which includes the art objects and visuals belonging the period, will be realized with cooperation of Girne American University (GAU) and Cyprus American University (CAU).  According to the information given by GAU, the exhibition will be opened in Arabahmet on Friday 27th February. The exhibition which will be prepared by using Mufti Hacı Ali Rıfkı’s family archives will include WW1 and WW2, Ottoman and British period witnesses and architectural styles.  In the exhibition, Cyprus Republic’s first days and struggle years between 1963 and 1975 will be reflected as well. The Exhibition which will include collective and individual works of some artists will be open to visit until 14th March.

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