December 3, 2022

No Comment!

That was the Day of Days

Winter in Paradise

By Ralph Kratzer

You experience some freak weather in 10 years of living in Cyprus. I remember torrential rain with floods, hail storms that demolished cars and rooftops, and cold winter days like in January 2013 (to remember – click here!).

But today was a memorable day in the sunny paradise of Northern Cyprus. After the early arriving of winter at the end of last year, lots of rain, and now nearly two weeks of continually cold and wet weather, today came the climax with heavy snowfall and temperatures near freezing (at least in my house near the mountains of Alsancak).

Here are some pictures without comment from my garden and surroundings.

Good news of the day: sun has been back now for more than 1 hour and the weather forecast gives me hope!

P.S. Next winter I have to think about going somewhere else where it will be warmer…

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1 thought on “No Comment! – That was the Day of Days – Winter in Paradise

  1. Tomorrow (the last time I checked anyway) the weather programme I use promised me we would have 14C and sunshine in Limassol. Let’s hope so, but I would prefer it was a little warmer than 14C.
    We’re here almost 11yrs come the early part of March 2015 and this is the freakiest we’ve seen the weather too!
    We had snow in our street this morning and that’s a definite first for us!
    Great photos 🙂

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