TRNC News Today 18th February 2015 – FM Nami – Contacts in London

TRNC News Today 18th February 2015

Minister Nami is holding contacts in London

Foreign Minister Özdil Nami is currently visiting London where he will Ozdil Nami image 3hold a series of contacts. Within the framework of this visit, Nami yesterday met with members of the UK Parliament House of Commons.

In his meetings, Foreign Minister Nami, discussed possible future steps that can be taken in order to overcome the stalemate of the negotiations. Minister Nami also updated the British Parliamentarians regarding the latest developments on the issue of registering Hellim as a Product of Designated Origin in the European Union and conveyed to them the position of the Turkish Cypriot side on this matter.

Minister Nami, yesterday also gave a speech on “The Cyprus Negotiations” at the University of the London School of Economics (LSE).

Foreign Minister Nami, today met with Turkish Cypriot non-governmental organisation representatives active in England and Turkish Cypriot candidates in the upcoming UK general elections. Minister Nami, will also have a series of contacts with representatives Mevlüt Çavuşoğluof the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Following the completion of his London meetings, Foreign Minister Nami together with his delegation will travel to Ankara tomorrow evening upon the invitation of Turkish Foreign Minister Mr. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

Minister Nami is expected to return to the island on 20 February, Friday evening.

During his London and Ankara visits, Minister Nami is being accompanied by Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Dr. Erhan Erçin, Private Secretary Hüseyin Özel and Third Secretary Sertaç Güven.

Eroğlu: “Turkish Cypriots desire an agreement considering 40 years that have passed”

Stating that Turkish Cypriots are tired of negotiations, President Derviş Eroğlu recorded that he wants an agreement. Eroğlu said: “We are tired of reading and writing the minutes of negotiations. Turkish Cypriots desire an agreement considering 40 years that have passed.”

President Derviş Eroğlu received a delegation from the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists (AECR).

In his speech, Jan Zahradil, head of the AECR, stated Dervis-Eroglu LHthat even the European Parliament is not objective and fair on the Cyprus issue. Zahradil who told that this has been observed from the European Parliament’s written declarations on Cyprus or some decisions that have been taken, added that they do not support these kinds of actions.

Describing the latest decision as being one-sided, Zahradil said that they do not support the decision taken by the European Parliament regarding missing persons in Cyprus.

Ertuğ criticized the Greek Cypriot Spokesman Hristodulides’s statements

Presidential Spokesman Osman Ertuğ published a press statement about Greek Cypriot Spokesman Hristodulides’s claims.

Osman ErtugErtuğ said, “After Greek Cypriot Spokesman Hristodulides’s latest claims, the Greek Cypriot side has brought a whole new dimension to the campaign of diverting the public opinion with twisting the facts and blaming.”

Saying, “the Greek Cypriot Spokesman acts like he forgot that they are the ones who left the table with baseless excuses and persistent on not returning to the table. Yet they claim that they are showing all efforts to ‘restart the negotiations’ and creating a ‘positive setting’. Apart from being inconsistent, these claims are also far away from sincerity”, Ertuğ indicated that he desires, as President Eroğlu stated on various occasions, that Turkish Cypriots are at the table and Anastasiades must let his persistence go and return back to the table with no pre-requisite.

‘Aphrodite’ reservoir is being connected to Egypt

A memorandum has been signed between South Cyprus and Egypt in Cairo to directly connect the ‘Aphrodite’ reservoir, Yorgos Lakkotripiswhich is situated in the 12th Parcel to Egypt.

It has been indicated that South Cyprus and Egypt acted secretly as they are afraid of attracting the reaction of Turkey, and that Greek Cypriot Energy Minister Lakkotripis visited Egypt suddenly.

The agreement was signed yesterday between Greek Cypriot Energy Minister Yorgos Lakkotripis and Egypt Petroleum Minister Şerif İsmail in Cairo. By that agreement, Aphrodite reservoir will be connected to Egypt, most probably to İtkut, and the fundamental step of exporting and selling of the so called Greek Cypriot Natural Gas has been constituted.

Ambassador Bilgiç: “The UK as a guarantor state has a special position on Cyprus issue”

Turkish Ambassador to London Abdurrahman Bilgiç who stated that Abdurrahman Bilgiçbeing a guarantor state the UK has a special position on the Cyprus issue rather than the EU, said: “We hope that the UK will persuade Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus to return to the negotiation table and to solve the Cyprus issue by peace talks.”

Bilgiç stated that the UK’s support for Turkey’s EU membership has been put into words by both Prime Minister Cameron and high-level officials and also he added that there is a unanimity in the Parliament among other parties for this subject.

Chamber of Industry: “Greek Cypriot Administration politicizes hellim issue”

Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry stated that the Greek Cypriot Administration tries to politicize the hellim issue and this is a very worrying situation.Hellim

According to the statement of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry, a solution can be reached easily on the issue of hellim, the most important cultural and economic products of both Turkish and Greek Cypriots, within the framework of the confidence building measures and it should not be ignored that a solution mechanism regarding the hellim issue can be an example for the other issues as well.

Furthermore, it was stated that the Greek Cypriot authorities should stop pressurizing the European Commission with their political statements regarding the hellim issue.

TRNC attends “The Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show 2015” tourism fair in London

TRNC was represented at “The Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and North Cyprus logoTravel Show 2015” tourism fair organized in London between 12-15 February.

Videos were shown about the country culture and special interest tourism at the TRNC stand.

English brochures including general information about the TRNC and special interest tourism were also distributed to the visitors at the TRNC stand.

 The bank-owned car which was driven by the wife of Bank of Cyprus CEO was sabotaged

The Greek Cypriot newspaper Politis published that the bank-owned car which was driven by the wife of Bank of Cyprus CEO John Hourigan was sabotaged by unknown people in the early hours of yesterday morning.Bank of Cyprus logo

Stating that the car was completely burned, it was recorded in the news that the saboteurs were two masked men.

Also stating that Hourigan is abroad, the newspaper wrote that it has been thought that this attack was aimed at the Bank of Cyprus not Hourigan.

Attack with an anti-tank rocket in Greek Side

It has been announced by the Police that a 27-year-old man was killed during an attack on the house of Alexis Mavromichalis in Strovolos, in the Greek Cypriot side on Tuesday night. The two perpetrators fired an anti-tank rocket and several rounds of bullets using an AK-47 rifle in the direction of the house before fleeing the scene.

According to the Politis newspaper, although Mavromichalis had been the intended target, he was unharmed by the attack. Instead, the perpetrators hit his security guard, who died shortly after he was rushed to the hospital. Following the attack, police launched a hunt for a car seen leaving the scene and thought to belong to the perpetrators.

Mavromichalis was arrested in March 2014 upon his arrival from Athens at Larnaca airport. He was one of the island’s most wanted, having been linked to the attempted murder of Andreas Gregoriou in 2009, as well as the murder of Andis Hadjicostis in 2010.

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