TRNC News Today 30th January 2015 – Press Statement – UN Security Council Resolution

TRNC News Today 30th January 2015

Press Statement: regarding the UN Security Council Resolution of 29 January 2015 (2197/2015)

The United Nations Security Council Resolution (2197/2015) dated 29 January 2015, which extends the mandate of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) until 31 July 2015, states that it welcomes the Report of the UN Secretary-General on UNFICYP. In the said Report, the UN Secretary-General makes cyprus-map-divided smlreference to the isolation imposed on the Turkish Cypriot people and emphasizes the necessity for the removal of such restrictions and barriers. The omission of the UN Security Council to make a clear reference to the unfair and illegitimate isolation which is still imposed on the Turkish Cypriot people, has rendered the Resolution inconsistent and lacking. Similarly in the said Resolution, the customary reference to the so-called “Republic of Cyprus”, as well as the lack of reference to the consent of the Turkish Cypriot side regarding the extension of the mandate of UNFICYP, is not an acceptable approach and is contradictory to the historical, legal and political realities of the island of Cyprus.

It is amply clear that the call made in the Resolution towards the resumption of the comprehensive settlement negotiations in the shortest possible time is aimed at the Greek Cypriot leadership which withdrew from the settlement talks. The fact that the Resolution refrains from using a language which could be interpreted as a precondition for the commencement of the negotiations clearly indicates the expectation of the Council in this regard.

Our expectation from the Greek Cypriot side is to act in line with this call by displaying a sincere approach and returning to the negotiation table as soon as possible without any preconditions in order to reach a settlement based on equality and compromise. The Turkish Cypriot side maintains its decisive stance towards the immediate resumption and conclusion of the negotiation process based on the established UN parameters, convergences achieved between the two sides and the Joint Statement of 11 February 2014 within a specific timeframe under the auspices of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Good Offices Mission.

UN Security Council approves 6 month extension for UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus

UN Security Council has approved a 6 month extension for the UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) until 31 July 2015, noting that despite some progress made in negotiations UNFICYP_2between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot sides, a “comprehensive and permanent settlement” is still lacking.

In a unanimously adopted resolution, Council members urged both sides to further implement confidence-building measures and move towards the establishment of “mutually-acceptable steps”.

UNFICYP has been deployed on the island since 1964, when inter-communal fighting erupted.

In his statement to the press following his briefing at the UN Security Council, UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus – Espen Barth Eide expressed that he was optimistic about resumption of negotiations but there was still a deadlock between the sides on the issue.

British High Commissioner Ric Todd: “ Status-quo cannot continue”

British High Commissioner – Ric Todd stated that they supported the Damian Roderic Toddefforts of the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus – Espen Barth Eide towards resumption of negotiations, adding that they encouraged both sides to return to the structured negotiations.

Furthermore, underlining that there is lack of confidence between the sides, Todd said that this problem is the basis of the disputes between the sides. (Havadis)

Reactions against EU for the sanctions against Russia

South Cyprus is continuing its reactions against the attempt started by the European Union for extending the sanctions imposed on Russia for six months and taking new measures.

Greek Cypriot daily Alithia and other newspapers reported that some EU countries, including  South Cyprus and Greece, have reacted against new sanctions imposed on Russia and the issue will be discussed in the meeting of EU Foreign Affairs Ministers to be held in Brussels.Cyprus and Russian flag

The newspaper noted that the Greek Cypriot government declared that it has reacted against the new sanctions and also Greek Cypriot political parties made statements criticizing the EU yesterday.

In his statement made the day before, Greek Cypriot government Spokesman – Nikos Christodulides expressed that the Greek Cypriot government does not support the sanction document prepared by the EU and most probably the document will not be approved because of reactions of many countries.

Businessmen Council held contacts in Holland and Belgium

Turkish Cypriot Businessmen Council held contacts in Holland and Belgium between 24-27 January 2015.

The Council met with authorities of Holland’s Young Businessmen Federation and also visited the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Brussels Office and TRNC Representative Office in Brussels.

According to the statement of Chairman of Turkish Cypriot Businessmen Council – M. İlker Züğürt,  a signing ceremony was held between the Turkish Cypriot Businessmen Council and the New European Business Confederation for observer membership. The delegation also had meetings with the authorities of the European Parliament and they conveyed their sensitivities and demands regarding the trade embargo and isolations on the TRNC and registration of hellim.

RRA-NC discuss the asylum policies with EU authorities

Refugee Rights Association – North Cyprus (RRA-NC) held a meeting with the authorities of the European Commission in order to give information on sheltering policies, practices and immigration flows.

TRNC Refugee RightsAccording to the written statement made by RRA-NC, it was stated that in the meeting the authorities of the Association expressed their attempts for protecting the rights of refugees in spite of the deficiency of local asylum and added that there is an obstacle in front of the refugees for using their fundamental rights.

In the report submitted to the EC authorities  by the Association, attention was drawn that refugee flows to Cyprus have increased prominently in 2014 because of the ongoing clashes especially in Syria.

The Association stated that in 2014, RRA-NC gave support to nearly 200 Syrians who were not given permission for entering into the country in contravention of the international human rights and refugee law and were treated like a criminal.

Faika Deniz Paşa and Tegiye Birey attended the meeting on behalf of RRA-NC, European Commission was represented by Alessandra Viezzer (the Head of EU Program Support Office), Francesco Luciani (Policy Officer, International Affairs Unit), Anne- Catherine Claude ( EU Commission Task Force for the Turkish Cypriot Community), Martin Panov ( EU Commission Task Force for the Turkish Cypriot Community) and Charlotte Goyon  (Civil Society Task Manager,  EU Commission Task Force for the Turkish  Cypriot Community).

Greek Cypriot authorities are displeased for two films

According to the Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros, Greek Cypriot authorities are displeased for the two films which Golden Island Film Festivalwere shot with the support of Greek Cypriot producers and directors and Greek Cypriot Ministry of Culture and took part at the “Golden Island International Festival” organised in November in the TRNC disregarding the Greek Cypriot authorities.

Fileleftheros also reported that Greek Cypriot authorities have launched an investigation about the issue and the Greek Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also making investigation about the  “Goethe Institute” and the UK’s role in the festival.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office


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