December 5, 2022

Ozan Özgenler – Venus and Women

Exhibition at the Eaved House Nicosia

A multi-talented young Cypriot and his first Solo Exhibition

By Heidi Trautmann….

Ozan called his exhibition Rebirth of Venus – but Venus is a woman and women have all kinds of appearances – and I have the impression that Ozan wanted to ‘discuss’ just this. He has well succeeded and I like what he showed in his first solo exhibition which he has dedicated to Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips).

I met Ozan for the first time reciting poetry. It was at Osman Keten’s place in the Arabahmet Quarter about six years ago. I believe it was his first love with the arts. Painting came second but he has obviously made it now his great love. There is no limit to his range of imagination and he is a good observer of people, Picture 2of society and all shades of it, and here he has hit the nail on its head, I would say, describing the activities of women, daily activities such as meeting for a cup of coffee, having fun, being scared and dreaming, conservative and abstract. Ozan has a great talent to give his scenes a caricatured significance.

The exhibition was crowded with many young people and I am sure that he has met the taste of them; and I must say it has something very refreshing. Two musicians from the Nicosia Municipality

Özkan Yorgancioğlu  (right) with Raziye Kocaismail (Tulips)
Özkan Yorgancioğlu (right) with Raziye Kocaismail (Tulips)

Orchestra played and delivered nice tunes while people were being spoiled by a vast offer of finger food and drinks.

Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancioğlu and Raziye Kocaismail, President of Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips), addressed the guests and thanked the young artist for his supportive gesture.

The exhibition was opened for two days only. I wish you all the best for next year, Ozan Özgenler, may it be good to you!



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