Christmas in North Cyprus

Christmas in North Cyprus

By Margaret Sheard….

Merit PremiumWhen I came to live in North Cyprus, 11 years ago, being a Muslim country I did not expect Christmas to happen but I was very wrong.

Right from the year of arrival I was amazed to see colourful lights in the trees and along the main roads, shops with festive decorations and generally a Christmas atmosphere.  Of course the celebration for the Muslim community is the New Year so this probably accounts for the decorations as well.Merit road

Bringing in the New Year is another wonderful occasion where people of all nationalities join the local Turkish Cypriot community, Kyrenia town centre is packed with people and families with children all enjoying the festivities and at midnight there is always a fantastic firework display.  This probably happens in other towns in North Cyprus but I have only witnessed Christmas and New Merit lightsYear in my local town of Kyrenia.

North Cyprus is not recognised by the world, except for motherland Turkey, but it does exist and it is a wonderful place to live, so I thought I would share a few photos of the Christmas and New Year season here, some from this year and some from past years.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our readers from www.cyprusscene.com

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