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Laden Ince – Professional Singing Lessons

Professional UK-qualified

singing lessons by Laden Ince

By Heidi Trautmann….

When I conducted my interview with Laden Ince, our charming and high class opera singer, she told me that she would love to share her knowledge, her talent with her country by either writing or teaching.

Laden InceJust recently she has let me know that she is prepared to teach music students of all levels and disciplines; she has already started her first workshop in her Vocal Studio at the City Club/Şehir Külübü in Nicosia, Dereboyu. That is a lovely place within the military zone, just behind the Checkpoint, a place and its surroundings that have not changed for the last 40 years. I once went there to visit a friend, an Austrian lady who has never given up her home, she is now over 90 years old. Here, in this sort of abandoned fairytale zone, Laden Ince has set up a space to teach singers, be it in classical singing, opera/operetta, musical, jazz or pop. When you come to the checkpoint you just have to leave your ID,  that is all.

Laden Ince is occasionally away from Cyprus to give concerts, the recent ones were in Germany; but in-between the concerts she comes home and will then take up the teaching.

For students who are interested to obtain highly profession tuition from a very sensitive and artistic singer, as I can confirm that she is – I love her singing Bach – then contact her and discuss with her your possibilities.  The costs per hour are very reasonable at 100TL per hour, I know that singing lessons are usually higher than this.

Her email address is