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TRNC News Today 12th December 2014

Turkish Cypriot cannot use his land in Paphos as he lives in Pyla

It is reported that the application of a 55 year old Turkish Cypriot who applied to the Greek Cypriot Supreme Court to reclaim the three properties he inherited is rejected.

According to Politis newspaper, the Turkish Cypriot who Gavel hammerwas born in Poli, Paphos, inherited three properties from his mother and transferred them to his name in 2011. He later applied to Guardianship of Turkish Cypriot Properties to get permission to use the land but his application was rejected and his case was carried to court.

According to the Greek Cypriot Supreme Court’s decision the basic argument of the Turkish Cypriot “Guardianship of Turkish Cypriot Properties has taken its decision by a legal mistake, justification of usage of property by the Guardianship, being considered as a Turkish Cypriot who owns property in South Cyprus, is not possible because he is a Pyla resident.”  And therefore even though the property in Paphos is his, as he resides in Pyla, the court decided not to give him the right to use his property.

Eroğlu: “Turkish Cypriot side will not pay the price to enable the Greek Cypriot side’s return to the negotiation table”

President Derviş Eroğlu said that the Turkish Cypriot side will not pay the price to enable the Greek Cypriot side’s return to the negotiation table. “If the Greek Cypriot side is sincere on the issue of reaching a solution, they should return to the negotiation table without preconditions. The negotiation table is the place where all disputes shall be solved”  the President said.

Dervis Eroglu 9President Eroğlu also stressed that after fifty years it is time for the Greek Cypriot side to decide whether they desire to share power and wealth with the Turkish Cypriot side or not and whether they are ready for partnership within the framework of bi-zonal federal vision or not.

President Derviş Eroğlu gave a speech during the opening ceremony of an International Symposium entitled “Cyprus Problem and its future with International Dimensions” organized at the Eastern Mediterranean University.

President Eroğlu also expressed that Cyprus involves many international dimensions and international strategic efforts and approaches lay behind all the developments experienced in the island from the past up to today.

Furthermore,  indicating the conflicts and tension in the geography around Cyprus, Eroğlu said that discovery of hydrocarbon reserves around Cyprus, developments regarding energy resources in the region and conflict of interests have started to affect the Cyprus problem.

Eroğlu said that, due to the presence of Turkish soldiers on the island there is peace and stability in Cyprus, and both states are living side by side and he added that the effort is to unite these two states under a partnership roof.

A ground breaking treatment from a Turkish Cypriot Prof. Mustafa Camgöz

World famous Turkish Cypriot Prof. Mustafa Camgöz from London Imperial College developed a new generation medicine Mustafa Camgozfor cancer treatment that prevents the spread of cancer.  Mustafa Camgöz has completed the laboratory tests, and is getting ready to start clinical experiments.

Camgöz explained his invention to Halkın Sesi newspaper, and told that the first experiments will be made on the most quickly spreadable cancer kinds, and that at least three years should pass to see if the cancer will return or not.

Prof. Camgöz pointed out that coming up with a new medicine in 5 years is a miracle and said “we have taken the patent, and it’s accepted by whole world. Our aim is to stop the spread of cancer in 5 years”.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office


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