November 26, 2022

Children’s Rights Event at GAU

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A commune was held by the Girne American University (GAU) Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Education Support Club about children’s rights.IMG_7344

At the event held in the GAU Kyrenia Cyprus Campus Spectrum International Congress Centre Assist. Prof. Dr. Sülen Kıray Şimşek made the opening speech in the name of drawing attention to children’s rights.  Following the opening speech,  a speech regarding the importance and meaning of the day was made by the Lecturer Aytaç Dilek who covered various activities related to children’s rights.IMG_7346

Dr. Melahat Işınsu who attended the commune on behalf of the Department of Social Services talked about the duties of social services, how social services follow a path under the tenders made in the scope of children’s rights in TRNC and how they carry out common activities with other units. Işınsu gave information on subjects such as the kinds and the number of notices they have received over the years and shared some cases as examples.

SOS Children’s Village Director Ahmet Akarsu, who participated in the commune, provided information in his speech about the purpose, the responsibilities and functioning of SOS Children’s Village and expressed the stages that children go through after they are admitted to SOS and talked about his life, its professional parts and the things he will accomplish in the future. Akarsu, who stressed that the children transfer from care homes to youth homes, and then they pass on to independent homes from there, stated that the children have care-giver aunts and they live within a normal faIMG_7386mily and after that as adults they move out to a separate home. Akarsu informed that a portion of the house rent is given to SOS which is to be given back to establish their lives when they start living an independent life.

In her speech Lawyer Faika Deniz Paşa, who participated in the commune on behalf of the Refugee Rights Association,  mentioned about the purpose of the association and the activities carried out in the TRNC.  Paşa who mentioned the war that is geographically nearby and stated that there are too many people who seek refuge in the TRNC, the children are among them and she talked about the rights they have and how to help them.IMG_7437

The closing speech of the commune was given by Head of the GAU Preschool Teaching Department – Assist. Assoc. Dr. Azize who summarized the day and wished in her speech that the information discussed on the panel will bring light to everyone throughout their life and also in their teaching career life.

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