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Trevor’s Tips – December 2014

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By Trevor Hughes

Free Eye Testing

We visited an optician in the Republic of Cyprus  earlier this month. The name of the optician is “Theo F Andis”,  tel +357 226 775 66. If you are in need of an eye test, there is absolutely no charge from these people and there is no obligation to buy their spectacles, although they do have a wide selection from which to choose.Eye Test

If you do not wish to purchase your spectacles from this optician, you can take your prescription away with you for use at your favourite optician!!

Directions. Walk through the border crossing in Lefkosa, carry on through the row of shops until you get to the top and turn right. Carry on until you see the bus station [2/300 meters] and turn left. Go to the traffic lights, turn left and the shop is a few meters on the opposite side of the road.

Danger Beware

There is a new dual carriageway on the Guzelyurt to Lefkosa dual carriageway, just before Gonyeli. The road takes you Roundabout signthrough to the Metahan border crossing, saving you time and fuel. But beware; there are no road markings or street lights at the moment, making driving at night extremely hazardous. One of our customers did not notice one of the traffic islands until it was too late and consequently hit and mounted the island, causing severe damage to his car.

Luckily for him, he was covered by Dagli Sigorta who paid for the repair [very expensive].

Pink/Blue Temporary Residence Cards

For those of you who are 60 years old or older and still apply for Temporary Residence, you no longer need to take the blue/pink booklet when making your application

Fridge/Freezer Hygiene

Following on from our last News Round, one of our readers also recommends the use of cat litter to rid bad smells, by placing it in an open receptacle in the bottom of the fridge/freezer.

It’s also very effective for removing oil from your drive left by an oil leak from your car.

Work Permit

Two months ago, one of Dagli Sigorta competitors took it upon themselves to report both Mary and I for not having a work permit. The Government office carried out a thorough investigation and confirmed that we were both legal and fully entitled to carry on working. As our paperwork fully complied with the Law for employment, we continue our insurance activities, giving customers the best service known in the TRNC.

We know who reported us, but treat it as a compliment, as we must be a threat to their business, otherwise why would they have reported us to the Authorities?


Last month we managed to secure our Kocan. It was quite a lengthy and protracted procedure, but we got there in the end.

We engaged the services of Pembe of Citizens Advice Cyprus, who went through the whole procedure and never leftParchment scroll our side. She went to the Tax office with us, ensuring we paid all taxes due. There were no “add-on’s” as with some solicitors who increase the tax demands just to get even more money out of you, without you ever knowing.

Our Kocan is typed on parchment paper; the official Government stamp is embossed on the bottom right hand corner, and a lovely red border, making the document appear very professional indeed.

Pembe’s fee for the whole exercise cost us only £500, unlike the fees charged by some solicitors.

Plastic Bottle Tops

Since our request for the collection of plastic bottle tops, your response has been overwhelming.

A weekend never goes by without several people coming to our stall at the Lambousa Saturday Market handing Bottle topsover their top collections. I will not single out anyone in particular to say a big thank you, as it would be unfair to miss any names of people who have contributed to this worthy cause.

However, I would like to give special mention to McKenzie Freeland who has spent hour after long hour collecting tops for us and has probably made the biggest single donation so far. She is a bright and very likable young lady, who is only 9 years old. She took it upon herself to collect these tops, with the aim of getting someone, less fortunate than her, an appliance to make their day to day life more tolerable. On behalf of all those who have taken the time to collect for this worthy cause a VERY BIG THANK YOU.

Over the Border Skirmish

You may have read recently, there was a demonstration by Greek Cypriots on the Greek side of the island. Reports said that it was quite frightening and extremely intimidating; with some of the demonstrators hurling missiles at TRNC registered vehicles.

If you have fully comprehensive insurance, does your provider cover such an event over the border? If damage to your vehicle was caused whilst on the Greek side, many insurance companies do not include the cost of repair. Dagli Sigorta is a Company who cover you for such happenings and included as standard in your policy, at no extra cost!!

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram holidays this month. However, do remember that the 1st of January is a public holiday and people all over the world celebrate their New Year.

Please note, some banks will be closed at lunch time on the 31st of December. All banks, Government/local Government offices will also be closed for the day on Thursday 1st January 2015.

Happy Christmas To You All                Dagli Sigorta image sml

I have thoroughly enjoyed publishing our monthly News Tips for you all. Along with Dagli Sigorta, we wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


Trevor Hughes


Editor’s Note

“The opinions, advice or proposals within the article are purely those of the author and do not, in any way, represent those of”


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