TRNC News Today 27th November 2014 – Eide: With lack of desire and will, nothing can be resolved

TRNC News Today 27th November 2014

Eide: “If there is lack of desire and will, nothing can be resolved”

UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide said he Espen Bath Eide smlhas enough knowledge about the content of the negotiation chapters and as he learned more, the more he is convinced that there is nothing that couldn’t be resolved if mutual will and desire existed.

Stating that both sides should exert effort for creating will and desire,   he added he is also trying to find what that could be. Eide said that he does not know when the negotiations will start but the current situation is not to the advantage of either side and cannot last for many more years and the Cyprus problem should come to an end.

Adding that it is known why the Greek Cypriot side left the negotiation table, Eide said President Derviş Eroğlu is still at the negotiation table in principle and he is awaiting Anastasiades to return to the negotiation table.

Eroğlu: “It is not possible to reach a solution with impositions”

After meeting with UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus,  Espen Barth Eide, President Eroğlu said, by getting approval from the party leaders  in Dervis erogluSouth Cyprus, Anastasiades has certified that  “for the negotiations to start, Turkey should move its ships and make a commitment not  to go back again, this is a  precondition. With preconditions it is not possible to reach a solution”.

Regarding the resumption of negotiations President Eroğlu said that “Unfortunately Eide did not get positive response from the Greek Cypriot side.”

Eroğlu also emphasized that Turkish Cypriot side is still at the negotiation table and added that the fact that Anastasiades will be going to New York for an operation and will be away from Cyprus at least for 20-25 days,  even if he had the intention to begin with,  it wouldn’t be possible to start negotiations under the current conditions.

Eroğlu said it is not possible to accept  preconditions of the Greek Cypriot side, and emphasized  if the intention is to  reach a solution, then it should be clear that putting preconditions is not the right way, and that the Turkish Cypriot side is  acting with  this understanding.

Eroğlu also emphasized that, at a time when Eide is working with goodwill, it is  expected from the Greek Cypriot side  to evaluate the proposals positively and to come to the negotiation table.

Yorgancıoğlu: “We agree with the Turkish government on the issue of the solution of Cyprus problem”

Pointing out that his Ankara contacts were very fruitful, Özkan YorgancıoğluPrime Minister Ozkan Yorgancıoglu said that within the framework of his contacts they have made an evaluation on the Cyprus issue and emphasized that both the Turkish government and their government agreed on the solution of the Cyprus problem as soon as possible.

Expressing that they shared the same opinion about the joint statement issued in February, Yorgancıoglu said that compromise is necessary for the solution and the place for compromise is the negotiation table.

President Eroglu received UK Minister for Europe David Lidington

President Eroglu received UK Minister for Europe David Lidington.

Presidential Undersecretary – Hasan Güngör and Presidential Spokesperson – Osman Ertuğ were also present at the meeting.

There was no statement to the press however filming was allowed.

 Source: TRNC Public Information Office