International Design Workshop and Symposium at GAU

International Design Workshop and Symposium at GAU

by gautalk

“Reading and re-designing of Lambousa Area” themed International design workshop studies hosted by Girne American University (GAU) began with the attendance of students with master and doctor degrees in the field of Restoration.poster (1)

In the statement made by GAU about the relevant topic, it was reported that the workshop Project began on 19th of November with the cooperation of Girne American University and Rome Sapienza University and will continue until 29th of November, also it has been emphasized that Belgrade University, Alexandria University, Florence University and Mersin University provided academic participation and contributions to this international academic activity. Additionally it has been reported that the workshop studies organised with the support of Italy Government Research Council and Roman Architecture Historic Heritage Office, Professors of Design, Architecture and Restoration Fields from Girne American University, Rome Sapienza University and Florence University have participated as the workshop leaders and speakers. it has been stated that the workshop studies took place under the presidency of GAU Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts Dean – Assoc. Prof. Dr Hossein Sadri and Rome Sapienza University Postgraduate School of Architecture Director – Prof. Giuseppe Strappa and coordinated by the GAU International Historic Heritage Studies Director and Faculty member of the Department of Architecture – Asst. Prof. Dr. Alessandro Camiz. Also it has been underlined that within the framework of workshop studies, on 29th November between 14:00-18:00, an international symposium will take place at the Spectrum Convention Center.

Additionally, international workshop studies will be completed on 28th of November between 15:00-17:00, with the workshop studies presentations and certificate ceremony which will take place at GAU Millennium Senate Congress Centre.