Animal care

Invitation to animal lovers in North Cyprus

Invitation to animal lovers in North Cyprus

By Chris Elliott

For all animal lovers and those who want to make a difference to the lives of animals in need, we would like to share with you news of a meeting to be held on Thursday 27th November at Academy of Art Association in Nicosia at 19.00pm as shown on a website “Hayvan Sever Gazetesi” please click here and read the following news as  shown :

Animal rights meeting

We as animal rights activists and animal lovers (living in TRNC), determined to meet under the same roof for animals. During this period of time we decided to make prospective and sustainable studies for our animal friends and to create a new atmosphere by getting rid of our egos. All of our volunteers in TRNC, our associations, our friends who want to do something for the animals to be collected under the same roof. The global support that we received in this context and HAYTAP prepared and coordinated the Unity and Solidarity Meeting which will happen on November 27, 2014 invites you and all the animal lovers. We are honoured to see you at this meeting.

The collection of all animal lovers and animal rights activists under the same roof in TRNC.



1. Conscious organization, basic activists’ educations.
2. Animal Welfare Act and to reserve.
3. Habitat Project
4. International congress of animal welfare
5. Animal Rights Fair, Science, Culture and Art.
6. Field and sustainable volunteering.

Date of meeting: November 27, 2014
Time: 19:00

Place: Şehit Mehmet V Ahmet Street, Academy of Art Association, No: 2 Yenisehir, Nicosia, TRNC.

Contact responsible for meeting registrations:

Beste Kilic: 0533 852 50 12

P.S : Participants must register before the meeting.