23rd Moscow Property Fair is huge success for TRNC despite Greek Cypriot protests

23rd Moscow Property Fair is huge

success for TRNC

despite Greek Cypriot protests


By Ian Fell…..

17 degrees Fahrenheit never quite sounds as bad as minus 8 degrees Centigrade! but whichever way you write or say it, these were the temperatures which greeted the representatives of several TRNC property companies who made the long trip to Moscow last week for the 23rd Moscow Property Exhibition; a big change from the plus 20 degrees they left behind in Cyprus.

Leading the ‘expedition’ for her company was İncilay Fell, Managing Director of First Consult Cyprus, accompanied by her Sales Manager, Burcu Kurt.Incilay Fell and Burcu Kurt with certificate from the  organisers. The trip was the culmination of four months of hard work for Burcu in talking to developers across the Island to convince them of the merits of letting First Consult Cyprus represent them and their various projects at the exhibition.

Not only was the weather a bit frosty but the reception from the Greek Cypriot team was in a similar vein; leaflets written in Russian and initially being handed out to visitors bemoaning the fact that their Island had been invaded by the nasty Turks etc and land had been illegally obtained. After some swift negotiations between İncilay Fell and Mehmet Kozansoy of Property NC Magazine with the organisers, backed up by several other TRNC heavyweights in Redif Nurel, Burçin Döveç and Kemal Pars ; the Greek stand responsible was told in no uncertain terms by the organisers to stop – the exhibition was about selling properties to the Moscow public and was not the place to make political statements. Comments were made amongst the TRNC delegates that it was always amazing that these protests from the Greek side only ever happen at shows hosted in non-Muslim countries; the exhibitions held in Dubai, Turkey, Kuwait etc never seem to attract the same displays of resignation as those in European (mainly Christian) countries.

The show itself was very busy with İncilay Fell and her team finding it virtually impossible to settle down for a well earned cup of tea as the Moscow public were keen to gain information on the Our Russian interpreter Shamsiya and Burcu talking  to prospective clientsproperties available for sale in the TRNC; with the temperatures outside the exhibition hall struggling to get near to zero, even at midday, you can perhaps understand why!

All too soon the two day exhibition was over and after a day to recuperate and visit some of the sites of the Russian capital it was time to again return to the TRNC and start the task of following up the numerous leads created at the show.

Of her experiences at the show İncilay said “apart from the slight spat with the South Cyprus Greek operators, quickly sorted, the whole show was a great success for our company and for the TRNC in general. We were representing some of the big players in the property field in North Cyprus – Kensington, Noyanlar, Kavanlar and Özyalçın to name a few; as well as some individual villas, plots of land, Antey Travel and the Archway Restaurant; all generating interest from the Moscow attendees. We are hoping to return on future occasions as we feel that these exhibitions are beginning to help revive the property market in my country. Having visited Dubai for their exhibition in the spring, it might be a good idea if the organisers could get together and perhaps swap them round so that we, as exhibitors, don’t experience such extreme highs and lows of the temperature scale. Roll on St.Petersburg!”

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