December 9, 2023

Dr. Brenda Davies 

“rainbows always existed and didn’t become more real just because some scientist finally split the spectrum”

by Viola Edward

Viola Nov-14
Viola Edward

Hello Brenda it is so nice to meet you again, I know how much you like to be in Cyprus and how connected you are with the Cypriots. I was delighted to be in one of your workshop last April and I am so pleased that you are back; I would like my friend, the lecturer to know more about you and your work.

Q: You are a Scientist and a healer, how do these two subjects work together?

A: I believe that in the end there is only one energy and the healer and the scientist may view it differently, but that is all.  So for me there has never been a conflict – I use whatever will help the person I work with.  What we consider ‘scientific’ is only so because it has been proven by scientific means, whereas what we consider spiritual may not yet have scientific proof, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  So I don’t see that there needs to be a conflict.  Even over the last thirty or forty years – and steadily advancing – is a body of scientific knowledge about issues that the healer or the mystic always felt, knew or saw.  These are therefore now considered ‘real’, though they always were even without the benefit of such proof.  As I wrote in my first book, rainbows always existed and didn’t become more real just because some scientist finally split the spectrum so we had scientific proof of the nature of light.

Q: Can you identify or demonstrate the relation between Science and energy?

A: They are simply a continuum.  Energy is the base material of all life and all that exists.  Science sets out to understand it. So in a way, science is always catching up by proving what on some level we already know. Sometimes I feel it’s a little sad however that many forms of energy are dismissed until we await the seal of scientific proof.

Q: Why did you become a Medical Doctor?

A: Having been a ‘healer’ since I was a child, I guess somewhere within me was the desire to formalise that and be more useful.  I have loved the science of medicine, and for me too it’s been Dr Brenda Daviesimportant to have scientific proof of what I could always see and sense. Often as a child I was dismissed as being crazy simply because many people couldn’t see what I could. And sometimes medicine can go further than healing, and sometimes vice versa.  So integrating the two gives us a broader reach.  Though I don’t prescribe very much, there are times when it’s obvious that antibiotics will be life-saving, and chronic pain and disability require more than healers may be able to give.  There are times when emergency surgery is essential. So for me the art of diagnosis was, and remains, an essential and exciting tool, and when I teach I always stress how important it is that we have a proper history, good examination, proper investigation and a high standard of ethics and confidentiality that I base upon my medical training. We are not gods and should never act as such and medicine gave me credibility as a scientist and willing and capable student that the title of ‘healer’ lacks. I have loved the marriage of the two.

Q: What is the relation Between Energy and health?

A: Ideally our energy is clear, high vibrational and unobstructed so that all of our cells and organs are nurtured and kept in harmony and balance.  However if, due to trauma or ill health, we are blocked in some way, then the energy flow also becomes blocked or occasionally out of control, and we may initially feel sluggish and not quite ourselves.  If this continues over time we may feel also emotionally ill at ease and eventually our body is affected and we then have physical dis-ease which presents as symptoms and disease.  So back tracking to what went wrong in the first place, and sorting that out, can often abolish the dis-ease on all levels and symptoms go away. I’ll be demonstrating this when we have ‘Questions of health and Spirituality’ and also ‘Understanding the language of our symptoms’.

Q: How can we deal with Stress?

A: Some stress is essential in contemporary life.  It makes us get up and get going in the morning, prepare ourselves for life, get to meetings on time, present ourselves well.  But that stress needs to be balanced by times of relaxation and nurturing; time with family and friends; time for play.  Sadly we often get to the point that our lives are so busy that we over-work and hardly ever wind down.  Though we may work longer and harder, we are less efficient and that spurs us to try even harder till we suddenly hit the point of burn-out and can go no further. If we don’t take time to really rest, we have a constant flow of stress hormones which can cause all sorts of problems.  They act upon our heart muscles, blood vessels, brain, immune system and digestive tract for instance, and also our emotions, and hence if we live very stressful lives high blood pressure, heart attacks, ulcers, cancer and strokes are common along with premature aging of our skin and issues with memory and difficulties with anger and emotional outbursts which ruin relationships and rob us of inner peace. Stress affects every organ of our body is some way and is a major cause of ill health. So resting, meditation, yoga, exercise – particularly outdoor exercise – are essential to deal with stress and reduce it and help keep ourselves healthy and able to continue our lives effectively.

Q: Is there different type of Stress?

A: Chronic pain whether physical or emotional can cause us a different kind of stress and yet the consequences are similar.  People in difficult relationships, suffering physical, emotional or verbal abuse often need special help to allow them to get better sleep and deal with lingering fear even when the abuse stops.  I see where there has been conflict, grief and loss, even after the ‘war’ stops. Often the fear is particularly difficult to let go of and pervades every part of our lives making us suspicious and negative and preventing real relaxation and inner peace.

Q: what kind of Therapy you are teaching?

A: Mainly I teach people to understand themselves and their energy and live a healthy peaceful way of life. I do also teach psychotherapy.  However most of my work is based upon an understanding of our spiritual development using the chakra system as the framework upon which to build. Then people can learn to clear their own energy and be useful in working with others with a spiritual approach along with good common sense and a grounded, sensible understanding of how we can heal old trauma. My main thrust is to help people help themselves and I will be demonstrating that in workshops this time.

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Q: In your experience, during the process of getting aware of the pain and the wounds that a person has, what is the percentage of people that drop the therapy before completing?

A: Often people come with a specific issue and that’s all they want to deal with and they leave when they feel better.  Some people find it just too hard to do the work necessary and it’s easier to pop a pill. But the vast majority of people who come continue in some way and do so then over years, enjoying the growth and freedom it gives to understand ourselves and feel free of what held us back and made us feel less than we are.

Q:  What are Chakras and how they work?

A: Chakras are energy centres – whirlpools of concentrated energy, within the energy field that surrounds each of us.  They develop in sequence and govern various aspects of our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual life. Ideally they are in harmony and balance with each other and nurture and help in the development of those parts of us that they govern.  They each spin at a characteristic and unique frequency which gives them, in good health, a characteristic colour.  Together as a system they ensure circulation of energy and keep our body, mind, emotions and soul in harmony and therefore in good health.

Q: Can we activate the Chakras ourselves to improve?

A: Yes we can. In my book The Rainbow Journey there are lots of meditations, exercises and affirmations to help activate them and restore them to health.

Q: What is your relationship with Cyprus?

A: I first came to Cyprus many years go to visit the family of someone very close and my visits were always related to family and personal pleasure.  I was always aware of the underlying pain that lingers almost everywhere and I prayed that some time there would be an invitation for me to work here – and bring some of the work that I’ve done in other parts of the world where there has been a lot of pain. And here I am…

Q: What kind of work you are doing now?

A: Here in Cyprus? I follow the energy and my aim is always to help people individually to find peace, happiness and good health and then spread that from the personal to family, friends, communities, countries and the world. Each visit has a slightly Brenda Home 4x4different emphasis as we build and get to know each other.  This time I’m working mainly on health and understanding how ill health developed and what we can do about it, and also healing relationships.  I was also invited to talk about parenting and will be doing that in a question and answer form so that people can ask for what they need to know.  As parent, grandparent and great grandparent I have a bit of human experience, but I also like to look at our need to gently and compassionately parent those parts of us that were traumatised and are still in need of care and attention.  And around the world? I have a school in eight countries which may eventually come to Cyprus and I also teach about peace – so my hope is to continue to do more of that here.  But I also write – which I love – and am venturing into fiction too which has been a dream which I’m now fulfilling.

Q: What is your message for women?

A: Ah…  As a woman myself, the greatest thing I’ve learned is that I’m equal to anyone and must stand up and be what God created me to be with all my gifts in full flow and with love in my heart that encompasses not only those near and dear to me but all the world.  If we can love our own children we can love any child I believe, and we need to do that and show men, and other women too, that the children of the world, no matter what race, creed, colour or gender are our responsibility and we need to protect and nurture them.  We women can lead the way in this sacred business.

Q: What is your message for men?

A: I often think that men have had a bad press over the years and are often victim of culture and expectation that prevents them from showing the wonderful loving creatures that they are. Men are the warriors and often need to feel that they prove themselves in battle even if that is battle without any other weapons than ourselves. So my message, with deep respect, is that they will be proven by showing their courage to be peaceful warriors and protectors of what is right and just, protectors of the peace; protectors of the rights of woman and children.  They will also show their own wisdom by having the courage and humility to listen and update the truth and act accordingly. Those who stand up in peace and courage and justice will be those who will lead us forward as a whole humanity.

Thank you so much for such an interesting and touching interview, I will be sharing more with you at your seminar.

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Dr Brenda Davies, MD is an English Consultant Psychiatrist and Spiritual Healer who lives currently on a farm in Zambia. She is the author of seven books, co-author of one.  Her works are translated into several languages. The Brenda Davies International School of Healing and Spiritual Development has classes in UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA and Zambia and she also teaches at conferences and seminars around the world. Though she is no stranger to Cyprus this is her third tour of island wide workshops and seminars.

Details: Facebook page: “Dr. Brenda Davies in Cyprus” or on her website click here  Bookings: Hatzy: 99667039, Sue: 99622504,

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