November 26, 2022

Remembrance Day  2014 in Kyrenia,

Northern Cyprus.


By Chris Elliott

Following the gathering of so many people on the 8th November at the Old British Cemetery, Kyrenia to see a memorial unveiled to the 62 policemen who lost their lives during the Cyprus Emergency, so many people returned with many new faces on Sunday Standards are taken into then Old British Cemetery Kyrenia9th November to remember the 371 British Service men who also lost their lives in Cyprus during the those very troubled times when murder and mayhem was being perpetrated in the name of EOKA by Greek Cypriots.

Like previous occasions so many people gathered to pay their respects to both these victims and also to the many other victims of war as they have been doing since the end of the First World war..

The weather again over Kyrenia was very sunny and getting hotter as the ceremony progressed and despite two people feeling the impact of the heat, the ceremony progressed without interruption thanks to the CESV volunteers who were there to help in case of an emergency.

The site and sounds of this ceremony were as beautiful as ever and being inside the cemetery taking Wreaths in front of the memorial 2104photographs I was able to sense the full impact of the emotion of this occasion and I would ask you to observe a few moments silence after the bugle sounds the last post in the video to watch the events unfold as I observed them.

Let it be said that as time goes on so many people will have the same desire to come together in the future and remember those that made the supreme sacrifice whilst trying to ensure others could live in peace and harmony.

This then is why around the world on this very special day of all of those killed in senseless wars that politicians often choose  to forget, We Will Remember Them“.


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  1. Chris, Thank you very much for putting together the Video of the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Memorial. It was lovely! You made a brilliant job of it. It was all very moving. Richard and Vivian Chamberlain

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