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North Cyprus – Christmas dip for Charity at Shayna Beach

 North Cyprus – Christmas dip for Charity

at Shayna Beach

Xmas is a coming, the geese are getting fat — please put

some money in Santa Bobs hat.


By Chris Elliott,

Whilst Margaret and I were out yesterday we called into Cafe Boss in Girne for lunch and met an number of friends including  Dot Flint who asked us to sponsor her husband Bob who will be taking a Christmas dip in fancy dress at Shayna Beach Club in Catalkoy  which a number of others are also doing as you will read in the following message we were asked to publish for KAR.

“Bob Betts (Kim’s, from the KAR office, other half) who braved the icy sea off of Kerveransary beach last Christmas Day in aid of KAR is joining a group of like minded Bob Betts and Bob Flint(mad !!) Catalkoy residents who are having a Christmas dip at Shayna Beach Club in Catalkoy this year.

Because Christmas is all about giving and sharing, the group of Catalkoy residents will be pooling all of the money they receive in sponsorship and it will be split between 3 charities –  Kyrenia Animal Rescue, Tulips and The Karakum Special Needs School.

Why not pop along on Christmas morning to support the swimmers and then enjoy either an English or Turkish breakfast at Shayna Beach Club. Shayna have kindly pledged that all of the monies raised from the sale of breakfasts, teas and coffees will go into the 3 Charity fund.

Please support them either by joining them for a swim, sponsoring them or just going along and cheering them on.

If you want to join these plucky people in the water or want to sponsor them then please contact … KAR Office – 0533 8694098  or the following. – Graham Fursman —- 0533 8363972  – Carole —–”