December 9, 2023

CESV turn to dramatics for a night

of training!


By Claire Lamb

After an accident free but enjoyable RBL poppy walk on Saturday, CESV members were put through their paces last night in a training event at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Girne.

Around 20 members of the CESV were joined by two people interested in seeing what we do.  They chose a night of action and surprises to come along as a bit of amateur dramatics was provided by 2 lovely ladies, Sheila and Judith, who are part of the up and coming Am. Dram, group which has been started at Roots bar, Kucuk Erenkoy.

The training session was based around what to do in case of an accident where a first aid kit isn’t readily available!  The first part of the session was where each group member got inventive and came up with an item from around the house, car or garden that can be used to treatCESV turn to dramatics for a night of training! (7) an injury. Quite a few CESV members had checked on line to find household objects that can be used in emergency treatment.  A fine array of goodies and ideas were presented with the prize for the most obscure going to Alan Worboys who used two large pieces of aloe vera (minus spikes!) as a splint for a broken bone!  Items presented included a can of cola, a credit card, a piece of hose and a roll of sellotape – all with multiple uses other than the obvious!

During tea break our two budding actresses were prepared for their starring roles in the second part of the presentation.  Both ladies were made up with “injuries” – the first had a bad cut to the neck and was based on a real life event we had to deal with, whilst the second had a piece of glass embedded in her arm and a hidden injury of a bad sprain to the ankle.  Each of the Roots bar actresses were instructed on the events of the imaginary accident and what they could expect from CESV members.  Then the fun began with those present being divided into 2 groups and set to work dealing with the injuries presented.  Only items in the room were used to provide dressings, bandages and even a cover to protect the protruding piece of “glass”.  Once the groups had swapped patients our two volunteer casualties were asked for feedback.  Both were very positive and said they felt happy with the treatment given and felt reassured that everything was under control.  So a night of fun and learning came to an end on a very positive note with our interested parties and “casualties” saying they would be back for more training!  The next CESV training night is on Monday 17th November, 7.15pm at St. Andrew’s church hall, Girne.

For more information about CESV activities contact Brian at  Also for information about how to join the amateur dramatic group at Roots bar either contact Hannah on 05338674864, call into the bar for a chat or visit their Facebook page at Roots Bar, Tatlisu.  New members are always welcome and CESV will be asking them back for a BIG training event being planned for the start of 2015!

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