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Trevor’s Tips – November 2014

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By Trevor Hughes

Freezer Hygiene

I was informed the other day, the most effective way to rid bad smells emanating from your fridge/freezer is to place a cup of hot Turkish coffee on each shelf and then close the door. Job done, smell gone!

It’s Official – Urgent means urgent

Going back to the Land Registry office to collect our land deeds the other day, the person behind the counter said the paper work for us to collect our Kocan had not been completed. He made a note for his supervisor to complete same and marked it urgent. Thinking urgent would mean one or two days, he told us to “come back” in two weeks. We had already waited two months.

So it’s official, urgent to them means two weeks. You couldn’t make it up could you!!

MOT Testing

Please note the new price for an MOT is now 135TL. If you miss the two week slot allocated to your registration letters, the price automatically increases to 200 TL.

The price for an emissions test remains the same at 27TL.

Hospital Treatment

Some of the private hospitals have become very expensive for treatment given, with some of them not entering the Dagli Sigorta discount on the invoice. Some of you have reported that when making a discount enquiry, they have been told the invoice has been discounted [if you can believe it] so the invoice is the final figure to pay. This is not so at the Kyrenia Medical Centre in Girne, but Dagli Sigorta customers should make it Dagli Sigorta image smlknown to the hospital before consulting with the doctors that you are a Dagli Sigorta customer and that you wish to take advantage of the discount facility.

The KMC hospital has had an MRI scanner installed recently which is the first of its kind in the country. If you require the services of this machine ask for a price list before usage.

If you are unfortunate to suffer a heart attack or stroke, can I suggest you ring the 112 emergency services, who will, in turn, take you straight to one of the State Hospitals. If you ring for a private ambulance they will take you to their own hospital and the treatment can be very expensive indeed, with some reporting invoices up to 30,000 TL and even beyond. The State Hospital charges will be considerably cheaper for the same treatment.

Although the State provision is sometimes a little basic, treatment is quite often carried out by the very same doctors who work in the private sector.

Traffic Offences

If you infringe the traffic laws here and the Police Authorities issue you an official on the spot ticket [speeding or illegal parking, for example] you have just two weeks in which to pay the fine. Anything over the two week period your fine will be automatically doubled. So make sure you pay on time if you don’t want to waste money

Beware Scam –

Please be aware, there is a scam in the TRNC under the name of, asking people to book their rental car on line, pay in advance and the car will be awaiting collection at the airport. However, upon arrival there is no such company and the car will not be available, you will have no financial recourse, unless you have made your payment by credit card.

Unfair Practice

The outcome of me asking the BRS to bring to the police authorities’ attention the unfair treatment dished out to expats when they suffer a road traffic accident, have subsequently produced a very fruitful meeting, with the Chief of Police.

The Chairman of the BRS discussed the British Residentsmatter with him, who showed some dismay and disappointment at what was being alleged. As a result, the Chief of Police and the BRS are to set up a complaints procedure to deal with grievances.

The Chief of Police confirmed that photocopies of car related documents is quite legal, but drivers may be asked to take the original documents to their police station within the following 48 hours, as in the UK.

Dick Turpin is still alive!!

This is a copy of an e-mail I received from one of our readers, regarding, adding a name to a log book.

“We got our Mukhtar to sign the appropriate form and went to Lefkosa on 9th October pm.
They would not deal with it as they were too busy!! We went back yesterday [23.10 14] and were fined 50% of fee 167.5tl for late application.

You MUST take the form your Mukhtar has signed to the vehicle licensing office within 7 days of him signing it”.

If this happens to you, can I suggest that you get a new Muhtar’s letter which is cheaper than paying the 50% increase.

If you experience the death of a loved one and you have employed a solicitor to take the will through probate, make sure the solicitor includes removing  the name of the departed from the log book. Otherwise, failure to do so will mean that you will need to instruct your solicitor, at a later date to remove the departed name [assuming his/her name is on the log book] when the time comes to sell the car. It is illegal to sell the car when the name of the departed still has his/her name remaining on it. For your solicitor to undertake this process he/she will charge you up to £1000.00, yes that’s right, £1000.00.

Turkish Visa’s

If you intend spending some time in Turkey, you will need a “visa” to enter the country. You can either obtain a visa in the Turkish Airport, or you can apply Turkish Flagon line [much easier].

If you are going to pay online, go onto the official site and you will pay 20 US$. Beware there are many alternative sites alleging to be the official one. A friend of ours went onto one of these alternative sites and paid 55 US $, for the same visa as mine. Beware, if the cost of a Turkish visa site is asking for more than 20 US$, it will indicate that it is not the official site!!

 Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram holidays this month.

Late Night Chemist Rota

WITH EFFECT FROM  26th October 2014 – 1st May 2015 new winter chemist opening times are 0800 to 1830 hrs on week days and 0800 – 13.30 on Saturdays.

 Duty chemists will be open until 2300 hrs

Editor’s Note

“The opinions, advice or proposals within the article are purely those of the author and do not, in any way, represent those of”


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