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Animal Welfare – Who can help Struppy?

Animal Welfare

Who can help Struppy?

By Ralph Kratzer

Struppy_1Struppy is a former stray dog, found in Alsancak by a German couple, members of The Foreign Residents in  the TRNC (TFR).

She is a female Terrier-mix, about 9 months old, and due to her temporary owners, very docile and intelligent, loving and in need of support. She does not stray any longer, but when she leaves the plot, she´s coming back fast and always voluntarily.

Struppy is already good on the leash and can be left alone without any problems. On the other hand, she is an attentive and fearless guard dog, keen to protect house and master.

Living only temporarily on the island, the German couple is not able to keep this very nice dog with her faithful eyes and gentle look, and are now looking desperately for a new home for Struppy.

The dog was already spayed by a veterinarian, vaccinated and microchipped. All necessary documents are available. The animal is completely healthy and bug-free.

So, if you would like to give this problem-free mate a new home, contact me as soon as possible under the email-address