August 9, 2022

GAU Stage School – new

Semester with Healthy Life


By gautalk…

Admissions for TRX classes for a healthy life which is under the Girne American University (GAU) Stage School have commenced.

According to the statement issued from GAU Featured image smallStage School, training zones at international standards have been established within GAU dance studios for TRX classes, which is the most popular sport for wellness in recent times. It was explained that TRX is a branch of exercise which uses ones own body weight to exercise in a balanced way and emphasized that this is the exact sport to stay in shape and for wellness.  In the statement it is stated that the admissions for pilates, aerobics, and yoga and zumba classes along with the TRX classes have commenced with expert training staff for the new academic year.  The courses will also be available for the public.

For detailed information about TRX, pilates, aerobics, yoga and zumba classes; call 0392 650 2000 – extension 1454.


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