September 28, 2022

Cyprusscene and Cyprus Observer

A refreshing difference


By Ismail Veli the internet media site is only about 2 years old. During this short time Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard have worked tirelessly to improve the depth and variety of quality articles to their fast growing readership. Their volunteer writers and great website presentation, together withCan Gazi with Chris Elliot and Margaret Sheard Picture courtesy of Bayrak Radio and Television their willingness to work together and share information with other news outlets is a welcome change from the often lack of co-operation amongst the local media in North Cyprus.

It’s true that every business needs to have a competitive edge in quality, content and delivery of their news articles. sadly in North Cyprus -like most things- this attitude is often taken to the extreme and the failure to win locals and outsiders can be pretty destructive.

Cyprus Observer (C.O) the English weekly newspaper, which is sold in North Cyprus, is another paper that has been successful. In-spite of internet news, many people still enjoy reading a newspaper. The C.O. however has also realised Cyprus Observer and cyprusscene 1that together with online news the combination can give it a much larger audience with the ability to ensure that some of its most popular articles can be read across the globe.

It is with this in mind that Cyprusscene and C.O decided that collaborating together would be beneficial to all concerned. Cyprusscene have now been offered the opportunity to share some of their more popular articles written by a group of volunteer writers that take great pride in researching, investigating and presenting their readers with balanced articles that have helped them grow immensely in the last 2 years. No doubt readers will benefit from this cooperation.

Ultimately it’s the public that decides which media it trusts and finds the most informative. The aim of Cyprusscene and the Cyprus Observer in working together will now provide the public with what are impartial, in-depth and quality news articles to an ever increasing audience which in the 21st century is even more critical, better informed, with much demand for more balanced reports. It seems this union is destined to provide just that.

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  1. HEAR HEAR / Chris Elliot and Margaret Sheard have single handedly brought a voice not just the expat or Cypriot Turkish community but all the residence of TRNC as well as Cyprus lovers around the world. Many Thanks for the time and effort of Chris , Margaret and Ismail Veli for providing enjoyable reading to so many of us in Australia. I wish Cyprus Scene and Cyprus Observer all the best.

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