December 9, 2022

Muriel’s Birthday at Jessic’s Bar

By Margaret Sheard….

We had a surprise contact on cyprusscene from Rene Walsh who had heard our BRT radio interview on Denise Phillips’ The Main Event show and wondered if we would like to meet her friend Muriel McKee who would soon be celebrating her 90th birthday.

front left Muriel, fron right ReneWe went along to Jessic’s Bar on Tuesday 7th October, where the party was being held and I caught up with Rene who was very keen to tell us her story.

Rene and her husband, Brian, met Muriel 10 years ago when they were all travelling to the Hotel Sempati for a holiday, they struck up a friendship which has remained ever since. Rene and her husband and Muriel and her family have properties in Karşiyaka where they spend long periods when visiting North Cyprus.  Rene and her husband live in Worsley near Manchester Family photoand Muriel is from Morecambe.

Muriel’s actual 90th birthday is on the 21st October, as ironically so is Rene’s, so it was something of an early joint birthday celebration, but mainly for Muriel as her 2 sons Peter and Michael were here as well.  Peter with his partner Ian and Michael with his wife Pauline.  We discovered that Peter likes to sing and had the pleasure of hearing him perform for the many people who had come to say “Happy Birthday” to Muriel, he was very good.  Unfortunately we missed out on hearing Michael’s wife Pauline, who we Peter entertainswere told is a very good singer and specialises in Tina Turner tributes and Abba back in the UK.   We spotted the Scratchband who would be performing later in the evening and had a brief chat with Ed, Keith and Alan.  It was a shame we couldn’t stay longer as I am told by Rene that the party went on until 1.30am and Muriel was still there enjoying herself.

We were told that there would be a raffle and also a collection of donations for Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) and the following day were informed that the wonderful amount of 1000TL plus had been raised at the event.    Tulips will be over the moon at the generosity of the people at Jessic’s Bar that evening.

Thank you Rene for inviting us to celebrate the birthday of both Muriel and yourself.

4 thoughts on “North Cyprus – Jessics Bar – Birthday treat

  1. Thank you very much Cyprusscene for your excellent write up Glad you enjoyed the party it is pity all of you couldn’t make it there !! We will keep looking for more of your News Stories Here & in the U K

    1. We enjoyed meeting you and Muriel and glad you liked the article. Keep looking at our website for more stories when you are in the UK to keep in touch with what is happening here. Also on where our articles are also published. Hopefully the party article will be in this week’s Cyprus Observer newspaper.

  2. Good photoes thanks to Cyprus scene wonderful night could not have been better Peter and Pauline made Muriel’s day

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