January 27, 2023

Roots Ramblers, Castle To Castle Challenge –

Job Done!


By Chris Elliott

It was a great delight recently to receive an article from Tina Luckhurst about the activities of the Roots Ramblers and one can only wonder at the desire and determination that some people have to achieve tasks that some of us would like to do but most would not even consider for various reasons. To read the original article please click here.

Add to this the desire to be supportive of others or needs and channel individual efforts into either directly or indirectly raising donations for good causes is worthy of great admiration.

So what did they experience, in a few words it’s perhaps hardCarmel Woodall, Judith Boyle and Sheila Lane to say and would require a series of books from them but from a collective point of view, having taken good advice and prepared themselves for the challenge which included using special bandages on their feet to avoid boot chafing,, they set off into the wilderness which is only just a few kilometers from where our local readers may be living.

Upward into the mountain they went in the heat of the sun past various trees bushes and vegetation watching out for loose and unsound ground underfoot. Whilst walking they may have been deep in thought or chatting briefly to relieve the tension they may have felt or to help others. From time to time they may have stopped for brief refreshment breaks and also be checked out by Sam Thomas who drove one of the support vehicles and was the team medic making sure they were in good shape.

Can you imagine what it must have been like at the  end of the day arriving at the base camp with aching muscles to sit and relax and compare notes with friends in the dark of the night and what finer and comforting delight could they have had than when at Buffavento, they could see the twinkling lights of Lefkosa and see that they were very close to people who were not experiencing what the walkers were experiencing.’

On the last day onward they went from Buffavento Castle making that last effort to reach their goal which was St Hilarion Castle and of what they had achieved this is summed up by Tina Luckhurst.


Roots Ramblers, Castle To Castle Challenge – Job Done!

By Tina Luckhurst

What a fantastic group of people you are. There were those who managed one of the six stages over the three days, Bob Beedham, Janice Harper, Lias Stigsom, Rose Lofty and David Lofty.

There were some who completed two of the six, Gillian Banks and Bob Robert James Graham.  Jarra Brown MBE, completed four stages/ two full days and was Mr Motivator for many on the final day.

A big thank you to Sam Thomas who not only drove one of the support vehicles but constantly checked everyone out, bandaged a lot of feet and administered Deep Heat, and Ian Luckhurst who drove a packed Link and trailer, made a lot Roots Ramblers arrive at St Hilarion Castle.of cups of tea and kept calm throughout.

Well done also to all the dogs, Max and Ava, Pippin, Billy and Ella with BEST DOG prize going to Molly.

But then there is a group of people who took on the whole, 6 stage, 3 Castles Challenge. They walked over 102 Kilometres and proved that with a positive attitude, self belief, a great team spirit, a high pain threshold and sheer determination, you CAN climb mountains! Congratulations Juliana Jefferson & Ian Jefferson, Sheila Lane, Phil Conkie, Carmel Woodall, Judith Boyle, Caroline Yourston, Nickee Wright, Mark Tattersall, and of course, Team Leader, John Yourston.

Thank you to everyone who made this Challenge possible and such an awesome event but especially for raising money for the children of North Cyprus . We’d like to thank Kolan British Hospital for all their support, the loan of vital equipment and for meeting us at St Hilarion; Lords Bar, Bahceli for the loan of their trailer and Beyler & Co., Estate Agents for their great donation to the cause and customers of Roots bar who continue to donate.

News will follow of the amount raised when sponsorship has been collected and to whom it will be given but as we speak, we will gladly receive more donations here at the Roots Bar, Kücük Erenköy, Tatlisu.

The Roots Ramblers, Castle to Castle Challenge 

Distance covered: –

  • Day One – Kantara Castle to Mountain Camp – 30.49 Kms
  • Day Two – Camp to Buffavento Castle – 41.32
  • Day Three – Buffavento to St Hilarion – 30.68
  • Total – 102.49 Kms
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