Cyprus Observer and – That was the week that was!

Cyprus Observer and 

That was the week that was!


By Chris Elliott

The volunteer writers from both home and abroad who contribute their articles to have been given more opportunities to share their literary efforts with a larger audience through the Cyprus Observer.

Margaret and I in the past enjoyed our times contributing articles to the Cyprus Observer newspaper and although we had moved away to write on the internet we did understand that some folk just love to pick up a newspaper and sit and read it with a cup of tea or coffee.

Having maintained contacts with friends involved with the newspaper we were delighted when they expressed interest in sharing some of our articles with their readership Cyprus Observer and cyprusscene 1which they have been doing for the past 2 weeks and what a transformation the newspaper has undergone with lots of colour on the pages with the addition of our articles some of which are unique to For this wonderful presentation the newspaper can still be purchased in your local North Cyprus outlets for the princely sum of 1.5TL which is a fantastic buy.

To help expand the readership of the Cyprus Observer we have been acting in an advisory role and have helped them change the image of their website and are now sharing our articles into that website as well so it is very exciting times for our contributor writers who can look forward to their articles becoming even more highly read both here in North Cyprus and around the world.

During this past week many of these arrangements were being finalised and although there is still a lot of work to fine tune our efforts, the Cyprus Observer Online, Cyprus Observer newspaper and are now collaborating and sharing news and reviews for their readers and followers wherever they may be.