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Trevor’s Tips – October 2014

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By Trevor Hughes

Lost Log Book

One of our readers mislaid his logbook recently and needed a replacement, for obviousTRNC Vehicle Log Book reasons. If you are in a similar position, you will need to go to the main police station nearest to where you live and report the matter to the police.

They will take your details and the details of your car and make out an official form. You will need to provide a 10TL stamp. Then go to the Vehicle Registration office in Lefkosa to obtain a replacement taking with you, your passport and your entire car related documents. The new log book will then be processed, whilst you wait and the cost for replacing the new log book is 200TL.

Another reason to keep only copies in your car, with the originals kept in a safe place at home!!!

Unfair Police Practice?

A number of Dagli Sigorta customers have been involved in road traffic accidents recently, when the driver of the other car was clearly the guilty party. The police officers thought differently and classed the accidents as “bump for bump” and waved the cars on and advised the drivers to go through their respective insurance companies for necessary repairs.

It is not “rocket science” to guess why, the guilty drivers in all cases were local people and their documents were not always requested by the officers, for examination.

On your behalf, I have asked the British Residents Society to bring the matter to the attention of the Chief of Police when they have their regular meetings with him. He needs this bringing to his attention that some officers are not carrying out their duties in the spirit of the Law for which it is intended. When the BRS comes back to me I will report back to you all.

Applications for a TRNC Driving LicenceUK Driving licence

Take note, the office for the initial application of a TRNC driving licence has moved. It is now in a posh white building located very close to the Lefkosa main police station.

Burst Pipes

Property owners need to be mindful that in the eyes of your insurance provider, it is your responsibility to ensure that water pumps and your mains water supply to your home are switched off when leaving the property for a few days, or more. Dagli Sigorta has recently had two claims for flooding due to the pump/water supply not being switched off for the length of vacation. Most insurance companies will not process any claim made if the customer has not conformed to their policy.

Insurance Documents

Some insurance providers charge up to 80TL for making even small amendments to your insurance policy, when the need arises. Check with your provider and ask if they make a charge for this service. Dagli Sigorta does not make a charge for policy adjustments, no matter how many changes are needed throughout the life of the policy.

However, if a driver is under 25 years, there is a small premium, if your policy has been written for named drivers only.

Imported Cars

If you are considering importing a car from the UK, be mindful that English specifications can vary from model to model, to those that are imported here from e.g. Japan/Asia. Body parts in the UK are usually easy to obtain, unlike here, when some parts are almost impossible to source. There are also some variances for the same model of car [Vauxhall Opel]. This can make obtaining parts for repair very difficult to obtain Also, when purchasing a car here, ensure there is a plentiful supply of parts when the time arises, or you could be without your car for some considerable time waiting for repair, or worst case scenario, not repairable, then what will you do?

Passport Renewal

I am frequently asked if I can supply a passport renewal form. Well now it is a very simple online application process. Listed below is how to make a successful application.British passport

  1. Apply online to https:www.gov.uk/overseas-passports.
  2. Enter the Country, Cyprus.
  3. Type in your TRNC address.
  4. Post codes for the TRNC are, Girne 98000, Lefkosa 99010, Famagusta 99450.
  5. Complete the credit/direct debit section.
  6. Print out the last page, it will have created your personal “bar code”.
  7. If you wish to track the passport delivery progress, you can register it online.
  8. Finally, sign and date the last page. Remember, your signature must be in BLACK ink only.
  9. Collate two recent photographs of yourself, your old passport and the last page of your application.
  10. The Governments preferred carrying agent is DHL and their local agent is Cafe Boss who are located very close to the HSBC bank in Girne.
  11. Postage cost to the Belfast office is currently 35 euros.
  12. It can take up to 5-6 weeks for it to be delivered to your TRNC address or at Cafe Boss, who will text you when it has arrived there.
  13. Cafe Boss telephone number is  0533 871 8213

You can make your passport application up to 9 months before its expiry date, which will be added to your new passport. Remember to request them to return your old passport as you may need to show the TRNC authorities your previous temporary residency stamps, for whatever reason.

Before sending your passport for renewal, take photocopies of the Temporary Residence stamp [s] and your photo page, you may need them before you receive your new passport.

Sirinyali Beach Front Bistro and Bar

Lydia and Ibo are very pleased to announce they will be beginning a new venture at Sirinyali Beach Front Bistro and Bar in Karsiyaka. They have enjoyed their time at Deli Café, and would like to thank their many regular customers for their loyalty. They will be opening on 11th October, at 5.00pm and would be very happy to see  friends old and new. They will have a fully stocked bar, and will serve food daily from 9.00am until 8.00pm.  Their menu will remain the same as it was at Deli, with the additions of fish of the day and a daily special. We look forward to seeing you at the new venue, and wish Rebecca and Gary the very best of luck who have taken over at Deli.

Cyprus Observer Newspaper

The volunteer writers from cyprussene.com are now collaborating with the new look Cyprus Observer newspaper to share many of its news and reviews articles for those who like to read their brand of news in a nice newspaper.
This week the new Cyprus Observer website also goes online to share news and reviews as part of the community sharing news programme so that individuals can read the same news in their choice of media.
Cyprus Observer Newspaper.
Cyprus Observer website. (click here)
cyprusscene.com website (click here)
The Foreign Residents in The TRNC (TFR) website (click here)

British Summertime Ends

Please note: The clocks go back 1 hour at 2.00am on  Sunday 26th October 2014.

Bayram Holidays

Bayram holidays for the month of October 2014 are: Friday the 3rd Monday the 6th, Tuesday the 7th and Wednesday the 29th when Government, local Government and banks will be closed on these dates.


Editor’s Note

“The opinions, advice or proposals within the article are purely those of the author and do not, in any way, represent those of Cyprusscene.com”


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