TRNC News Today 29th September 2014 – Greek Cypriot Footballer declared traitor

TRNC News Today 29th September 2014

Greek Cypriot footballer declared traitor

A Greek Cypriot footballer – Dimitris Vasiliu who has come under fire in the recent days for being transferred to Değirmenlik football team in the Dimitris VasiliuTRNC, is declared a traitor in South Cyprus. First reactions against the footballer appeared in social media. Later some Greek Cypriot fanatics invaded  Vasiliu’s home yesterday and  shouted ‘Traitor Dimitris’. Greek Cypriot police had to remove the crowd from Vasiliu’s home. Dimitris Vasiliu later made a statement and said he is not a traitor and added he wants to be a ‘peace envoy’ for paving the way for uniting football in the Island.

Vasiliu who gave an interview to the Greek internet newspaper ‘’, said “I admit  sincerely that if I knew that my transfer would  make such a fuss, I would not have transferred. I wanted to go there only to play football, football is my hobby, I love football and do not want to give up football”.  Vasiliu said that he was welcomed in North Cyprus but he and his family are insulted, accused and have had rough times in the South.

On the other hand, the Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros reported that after the news about his transfer to Değirmenlik broke out and caused heavy criticisms, Vasiliu who works in a public economic enterprise in South Cyprus was asked to make an explanation.

Furthermore Fileleftheros reported that, Marios Lefkaritis, Co-chairman of UEFA and Honorary President of Greek Cypriot Football Federation (KOP), was very annoyed by Vasiliu’s transfer to Değirmenlik football team and said that it was totally unacceptable, and such actions are forbidden until a solution to the Cyprus problem is achieved. On the other hand the Chairman of Değirmenlikspor – Emirali Öztüccar made a statement and said they transfered Vasiliu to support the process going on between the two sides’ football federations in order to unite football in the island.  Öztüccar expressed he wished the tension  would end and Vasiliu play in their team.

TRNC offered trilateral summit in Geneva

President Derviş Eroğlu who met with the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon within the framework of his New York contacts offered holding trilateral summit in Geneva.Dervis Eroglu 9

Following his meeting with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, President Eroğlu said that their meeting was very constructive and they agreed on the resumption of negotiations as soon as possible.

Furthermore, Eroğlu said that he asked the Secretary General to be more involved in the negotiation process and suggested a trilateral summit in Geneva, with the participation of UN, Turkish Cypriot and  Greek Cypriot sides, in the following months.

Stressing that the UN Secretary General will be evaluating this suggestion, Eroğlu added that UN Secretary General’s new Advisor on Cyprus – Espen Barth Eide is also quite willing to bring the Cyprus problem to an end.

Underlining that UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon considers the continuing negotiation process between the two sides as the ‘last phase’, Eroğlu said they hope to reach an acceptable settlement which could be approved by the two sides in two separate referenda.

Foreign Minister Nami meets with Foreign Minister of Qatar

Foreign Minister Özdil Nami met with Halid Bin Muhammed El-Atiyye, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, within the framework of his contacts iOzdil Nami image 3n New York.

Foreign Minister Nami, who met with the Foreign Minister of Qatar at its UN Permanent Mission, conveyed information to his counterpart regarding the latest stage of the Cyprus negotiation process.

While underlining that the problems currently being experienced in the region are disconcerting, Foreign Minister Nami emphasized that finding a solution to the Cyprus problem would contribute to establishing peace and stability in the region. Foreign Minister Nami also invited the businesspeople of Qatar to invest in the TRNC.

Foreign Minister Halid Bin Muhamed El-Atiyye expressed his content for meeting once again with Foreign Minister Nami, and mentioned that Qatar will continue to support the Turkish Cypriots in every field, emphasizing the importance of the solidarity of all the Muslims in the world.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office