First phase of Apostolos Andreas Monastery restoration underway

First phase of

Apostolos Andreas Monastery

restoration underway

Apostolos Andreas MonasteryThe first phase of the restoration work at the Apostolos Andreas monastery in North Cyprus is underway, Greek Cypriot head of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage Takis Hadjidemetriou has said.

Apostolos Andreas Monastery (Turkish: Apostolos Andreas Manastırı) is situated just south of Cape Apostolos Andreas (Turkish: Zafer Burnu), the north-easternmost point of the island of Cyprus, near the village of Dipkarpaz in the Karpaz Peninsula.

During a meeting of the committee, it was decided that when the substantial work of the project is underway, a visit will take place where the contractors will explain to the media how the project is progressing.

He said the icons had been moved from the church this month instead of July. The icons will be kept at a temporary hall which can be turned into a chapel for pilgrims.

The restoration of the monuments is being undertaken in cooperation with the UNDP-PFF (Participation for Future) and is financed by the EU. (CNA)

Source: Cyprus Mail

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  1. I hope the toilet facilities there are also part of the renovation. These were on a visit there around 2 years ago totally disgusting. Dilapidated / filthy beyond comprehension.