December 2, 2022

Halfway House Quizzers

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By Sue Tilt and Carole King

Once a week a group of ‘quizzers’ get together at the Halfway House in Edremit to participate in a quiz that has been organised by Sylvie Austin and Corinna Phillips.

Sylvie Austin with one of the owners of Halfway House On Monday 8th September 36 people took part in the quiz, with more to follow later in the evening when locals also arrived to take part in the bingo.

Quizmaster, Richard Broughton announced that over 1,500TL had been collected since the quiz started in early March of this year which is a fantastic achievement considering there is no ‘fee’ to enter these quizzes.

Anyone wishing to enter the quiz is asked to collect their small change through the week and donate it on the evening plus any other donations they wish to give. What a wonderful idea that works really well.

Tulips is delighted by the support of not only Sylvie Austin, Corinna Phillips and Richard Broughton but also of the owners of the Halfway House and to all those that attend the Monday evening quiz we send our thanks for such a wonderful donation.

With thanks

Sue Tilt and Carole King

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