December 3, 2022

The  Whirling Dervishes danced at

Bellapais Abbey

for Help Those With Cancer Association



By Carole King and Sue Tilt

Hello readers

We held this event at Bellapais Abbey on Sunday 7th September and had a fantastic turnout.  342 people attended, squeezed somehow into the Abbey (thanks in part to the loan of chairs from Kybele Restaurant!) and we raised an amazing 3,420TL, plus we had a further 195.25TL in our collection boxes so a grand total of 3,615.25TL. Thank you to all those who attended and paid 10TL for a ticket.

We would like to thank everyone who generously put money into the Whirling Dervish “Tip Box” at the end of the event, as they had done the dance free of charge for Tulips  and we would like to thank the TRNC Ministry of Tourism for allowing us the free use of the Abbey.  This meant that 100% of ticket sales all went to Tulips.

The feedback from those attending was very, very good and everyone seemed to have enjoyed the experience, which is not only visual but very cultural.

We would like to say that we did not expect the amount of people to turn up on the night for tickets, so we would wish to apologise to those who did not manage to get in and we hope that we will be able to do another night in the near future.  So perhaps those people could get to see the Whirling Dervishes (Mevlana) then.

Thank you again and best wishes.

Carole and Sue


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