July 2, 2022

Animal travel to the UK via

Cyprus Airways


By Chris Elliott

We have  noted a very informative posting on the Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus Facebook page (click here) that was sharing another posting by Animal Party Cyprus – APC (click here) which is also a Facebook group, concerned for the welfare of animals in Cyprus.

The news being shared as below concerns the efforts by Cyprus Airways to make arrangements for the transportation of animals to the UK via Stansted Airport.

“Cyprus Airways announcement

Dear All,

As you are already aware Cyprus Airways will stop operating to London Heathrow. As from 14th September 2014 Cyprus Airways will operate to London Stansted.

Unfortunately Stansted airport does not have the infrastructure to accept live animals (no other airline carries liveCyprus Airways animals to Stansted). We have been in contact with all relevant parties involved (including the authorities) to set the procedures but also the facilities in order to obtain the approval/license from DEFRA for the transportation of live animals to Stansted.

After several meetings we had last week with all involved, the requirements set by DEFRA have been discussed and we are in the process of sorting everything. Once everything is finalized and the license/approval to carry live animals to Stansted obtained we will inform you all accordingly and we will also advise the new charges-fees that will apply.

We are doing our best to have the issue solved at the earliest possible.

For any info/clarifications please do not hesitate to contact us tel.22590800.

Thanks coop/regards,






2 thoughts on “Animal travel to the UK via Cyprus Airways

  1. We are hoping Cyprus Airways can obtain the licence for transportation of Dogs & Cats from Larnaca to Stansted. Cyprus Airways did a fantastic job last year bringing our dog Alfie back to Larnaca and they took very good care of him. Regards. Mrs. Lynn Payne.

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