December 3, 2022

By Margaret Sheard
Photographs by Chris Elliott

I was not able to attend the NCCCT coffee morning at The Lodge when Wedding dressthe popular monthly event was resumed on 9th September but Chris went along to give support on behalf of and Angela Hasman, Chairperson, has kindly provided me with the results of this event.

Angela asked Chris if he would take a photograph of a beautiful wedding dress which has been donated to NCCCT in order for it to be promoted and sold to raise further funds.  The dress is size 10, off the shoulder, with a sequined bodice and has beautiful cascading silk swirls and waves from the waist and there is also a veil.  Anyone wanting to make a sensible offer should call Barbara or Ron on 0533 838 4210 to discuss their interest.

Chris was also introduced to Mike Arnold who Mike Arnold, Carole Lloyd, Angela Hasmanwas making a donation to Carole Lloyd and Angela Hasman.  Mike, who has had a pacemaker fitted, had been challenged to an Ice Bucket Challenge but he decided he preferred to make his donation to a North Cyprus charity without taking the risk of the shock to his system that the Ice Bucket Challenge might invite.

Mike is no stranger to being challenged to enter this type of event and he showed us a picture taken some years ago when he participated in a similar event.

StallsAs normal, the coffee morning was a huge success with about 100 people attending which is very good for the first coffee morning of the season. Cakes were provided by Mehmet from the Committee and NCCCT send many thanks to all who supported the event and also to the staff and management of The Lodge for allowing the use of the premises and providing the tea and coffee.

The grand sum of 1962TL was raised including the 100TL donation from Mike Arnold.

The date and venue of the October coffee morning will be confirmed as soon as possible and will be published as an article on cyprusscene,com and also entered in our Weekly Events Calendar.



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