December 2, 2022

Enorasis Club Friendship Weekend

in Cyprus

By Chris Elliott

We have received an invitation from our Friends at the Enorasis Club in the Republic of Cyprus which we would Enorasislike to share with our readers.

The Enorasis Club was formed by 5 friends way back in 1994 as a singles club, a couples club, a family club, a friendship club, an activity club and a cultural club. Since those early days the membership has grown with a wide range of activities that bring many people together in friendship and this is best summed up in the email from the Enorasis, Secretary General,  Gaston Neocleous.

“Enorasis socio-cultural club is organizing its 10th annual interesting and pleasant FRIENDSHIP WEEKEND, this year in Akamas (Droushia Heights) between 1st and 2nd November and looks forward to the participation of you, and your friends and other compatriots who struggle for a free, united, peaceful and prosperous Cyprus.

Attached is the whole program of activities of Enorasis club, for the Autumn of 2014. (Please click here to view.)

For those readers who would like to learn more, Enorasis has a informative website which is in Greek, English and Turkish and you can view it by clicking here.

With my best regards

Gaston Neocleous

Enorasis’ Secretary-General

2 thoughts on “Enorasis Club Friendship Weekend in Cyprus

  1. Dear Chris, Many warm thanks for this nice presentation of yours on Enorasis club and our initiatives for a better world of prospect and welfare. Looking forward to your participation in our activities and to welcome you in any our Friday gatherings.

    Best regards, Gaston

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