December 3, 2022

Kibris Line Dance Society is now

a charity

By Margaret Sheard

We have received some good news that the Kibris Line Dance Society was granted the status of a charity on 26th June 2014 and their registration number is 58/2014.

The group are so pleased that after a long wait Karakum School Christmas Party 2012 3 smlthis status has been granted and they will now be able to raise funds for their adopted charity which is the Karakum Special Needs School.  The members of KLDS have previously tried whenever they could to give help for the children attending the school and now they will be able to do so much more for them.

We spoke with Chrissie Oktekin of KLDS and she said that as and when they have funds available they will supply whatever the school needs, from educational items to cleaning materials, in fact anything which will make life more enjoyable for the children attending the school.

Chris Elliott wrote on cyprusscene about line dancing and the Kibris Liners in November 2013 with the inclusion of an article from Valerie Barrett.

Kibris Liners header

“One of the popular hobbies with the expats and locals in North Cyprus is line dancing with a number of groups promoting and teaching it and this week we are looking at the Kıbrıs Liners (Kıbrıs Line Dancing Society) to find out more about them and their activities.

The line dance group is very active by performing at local events and helping in raising donations for charities and good causes as well as being a focal point for a very active social life with many new friendships being made, but how did it all start?

We are delighted to have heard from Valerie Barrett, one of the original members, who has given us the following history from the early days.”

To read all of this article click here 

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