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Trevor’s Tips – August 2014

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By Trevor Hughes

112 Emergency Ambulance Service

There have been a couple of comments recently, regarding some Ambulancedifficulty when an English speaking person requests the need of a State emergency ambulance.

The problem stops at the feet of the persons answering the phone at the 112 emergency call centres.

Mike and Brenda Plant of The Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services have taken up the matter with the emergency Headquarters, who in turn have raised the matter with their operators, in no uncertain terms.

If you need to make a 112 emergency call, firstly state the area in which you need the ambulance to arrive and then state the nature of the emergency. If you experience some resistance, ask the operator for his/her name, this usually does the trick.

Plastic Bottle tops

A huge thank you, to all those who responded to last month’s plea for theRecycle your bottle caps collection of plastic bottle tops. As a result of my plea, the response has been extremely encouraging, as we have received quite a number from you.

Keep them coming please; there is a long way to go when some unfortunate youngster will receive a wheelchair making a world of difference to their restricted life style. Again many thanks for your support.

Driving Licenses

If you need to renew your UK driving licence, when making an acceptable application, you will need to have a UK postal address; otherwise your application will not be processed. If you are over the age of 70 years the renewal fee is waived.

When you are over 70 years old you will need to make a renewal application every three years. The need for a letter from your  UK, GP confirming your state of health is no longer required, as a self-declaration regarding your health is all that is needed. This can accompany UK Driving licenceyour online application. Remember, if you submit a false declaration, your insurance policy will come under scrutiny and may be deemed null and void if you are involved in an accident. For full information go on line, “how to renew your UK Driving licence”.

If you are applying for a TRNC driving licence for the first time, you will need to hand over a copy of your UK driving licence. If your UK licence is out of date, you will not be able to successfully apply for a TRNC licence.

On the subject of TRNC driving licences, one of our readers informs me the current requirement when renewing your driving licence is: a photo copy of your photo page in your passport, a copy of your Temporary Residence stamp/Muhtar’s letter, and two photographs of yourself [these must be smaller than those required for a passport application]

Car Related Documents

You may have read recently, three vehicles which have suffered severe damage as a result of fire, the outcome was a total “written off”.  AGAIN, please take copies of all documentsyour car related documents and a copy of the photo page of your passport and keep them in your car, storing the originals in a safe place at home. The copies will satisfy the Police Authority requirements.

But, you must remember, if you are going on the Greek side of the island with your car, always, always take the original documents with you, as the Authorities over there will not accept photo copies!!!!

If your own car suffers a total loss due to fire and you cannot submit the original documents, your insurance company will not process your claim until they have received them. Getting new documents will take a great deal of time and is quite costly to complete. Be smart and be one jump ahead!!

Mobile Phone Usage

Please note: With effect from this month, whilst driving a vehicle in the UK and using a mobile phone, and if the Police Authorities catch you, you will penalised with a SIX point NSA allegedly collecting mobile phone text messages worldwidepenalty entry on your licence. Caught twice and you will lose your licence. The police over there are going to confiscate the driver’s mobile phone if you are involved in a traffic accident. They will investigate whether you were using the phone at the time of the road traffic accident

It will be of no use knowing the Chief of Police, or some other office worker to get the offence written off, IT WONT’ WORK. Oh to be in the TRNC knowing the right people!!!

Annual Visitors

It’s that time of the year, again, when your little visitors descend upon Cockroachyou for a well-earned rest. IT’S COCKROACHES I‘M ON ABOUT, not your family or friends.

I really do wonder sometimes about you lot. A call to our Lapta Belediyesi put the blighters to the “sword” and within 24 hours of asking, all gone and well done our Belediyesi.

Oxygen Cylinders

At some point, you may need the use of an oxygen cylinder[s] for yourself or your Oxygenpartner/spouse. These cost 50 TL each including delivery. They can be hired from “Deniz Medical”, who are located on the opposite side of the road, just past the HSBC bank in Girne.

Their telephone number is 0392 815 6037. You will need to give them at least two days’ notice, as supplies are bought in from Turkey.

Knowing the Age of Your Car

Despite some people telling you that they know exactly how to gauge the age Seat belt numberof your vehicle, there is only one way to be absolutely sure.

Look at the black/ white/yellow label on your seat belt. This is the only fail safe way of knowing the true age of the vehicle.



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  1. Calling 112, if you call the emergency services in the UK you get an English speaking operator, a German speaker in Germany, a French speaker in France so why do you expect an English speaker in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus which is Turkish speaking. If you are going to call 112 and need help call out, someone probably Turkish speaking will come to your aid and be able to speak to the operator giving the correct information.

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