March 21, 2023

Cyprus Future – Unity or Division?

 A Survey in Cyprus

By Ralph Kratzer

Cyprus airpicI have recently read, that the peace talks between North and South Cyprus broke for the summer at the end of last week with the two sides failing to agree on almost anything.

According to sources, the two sides were unable to reach agreement on the convergences achieved so far, on the methodology to be followed in the next phase of the talks and on a single, big or small, confidence-building measure (CBM).

During a “difficult” four-hour meeting at the UN-controlled Nicosia airport, at some point the two leaders Eroglu and Anastasiades agreed on taking a break to clear the air, after which they returned to the negotiating table where the only additional agreement they reached was on their next meeting, set for September 2.

So we will experience a new round of negotiations in autumn, the outcome of the talks will be as always open….Cyprus disputeBut did you ever wonder what the population of the two separated states is thinking about a reunion of any kind?

Al Jazeera asked Cypriot residents about their hopes for the future of the island, as a few days ago it marked 40 years since the Turkish intervention and the subsequent division.

Unfortunately I can, for technical reasons, not upload the interesting video about the survey onto our website, but if you click here, you are taken directly to the page of Al Jazeera.

Note: When you click “Play Video” you just have to be patient, it may take about 10 to 15 seconds before the video starts!

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