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By Burhan Camlibel……..

I have been a UK nurse for 30 years. Until recently I had not heard of or believed in energy work. I attended an introduction to energy healing evening and my life began to change. The introduction evening was in 2007 and I went along to please my wife. I did not experience any tingling or electricity but I became friends with the healing worker and translated for him for 18 months and then it clicked.

Since then I have been doing energy healing work and teaching the methods here in North Cyprus, Turkey and Belgium.

Energy healing is complementary to ordinary medicine not a replacement.


Here are couple of experiences: An elderly gentleman in agony day and night from painful lower back, hip and painful knee. After 12 sessions he was free of all tablets, ointments and walking stick and able to enjoy retirement in the Cyprus sunshine.

A lady waiting for an operation on her frozen shoulder and after 12 sessions in six weeks she was able to use her arm better than ever. With that incident my wife learned to swim in exchange! Thank you.

ENERGY HEALING WORKS!! It can benefit many people with  physical and/or emotional problems.

Below you will find an article published in: “Living Magazine” the only English magazine in North Cyprus. I give special thanks to Tom Roche for his critical viewpoint and for sharing this article.

 Can you feel the force?

 By Tom Roche

It’s late afternoon and we have all just had a cup of tea.  Things couldn’t be more ordinary as we sit and chat in a villa in Çatalköy, but something slightly odd is going on.

A woman is sitting on a coffee shop chair with her back to the wall, her eyes closed. Standing a few feet in front of her, a man is making an undulating motion with his Burhan Camlibelis treating Helen Fieldright arm.  Every so often he “throws” his arm in the direction of a blue plastic washing up bowl on the floor nearby. The bowl, we are told, is full of salt water to capture and wash away “bad energy.”

This is Pranic Healing, one of the many “alternative” medical approaches.

Our “healer” is Burhan Camlibel a likeable grandfather with twinkling eyes and a little white beard. His subject is Helen Field, a former ER nurse. Both are believers and practitioners.  It helps. Despite the talk of energy flows and auras, there is disappointingly little to see. Burhan claims he is removing “bad” energy from Helen’s body and recharging her with good stuff.

“We don’t use magic words. There’s no ‘Abracadabra.’ It’s not a magic bullet,” he says.  “Our work depends on both the practitioner and the person accepting the energy work.  Not everyone will benefit but most people will get something from it.  Some may get pain relief and go on to better things.  No matter what the problem, medical illness, addictions, phobias, we can clean the bad energy blocking you.

“I would never say give up your doctor, give up your tablets, our healing work is complementary.  We believe it helps to heal you so much quicker.

“We believe in God or the Universal, the Divine.  It’s the same energy we all share.  We believe in energy beings all around us.  You can call them angels if you like.”

Pranic Healing is based on the principle that the body is a self-repairing living entity that can heal itself.  Energy is all around us, in the sky, in the Earth, in the air and the sea.  Illness is a disruption of the body’s natural energies which can be rebalanced by increasing this life force, the Prana. There are no drugs, no gadgets, not even any physical contact.

Burhan operates in front of a large portrait of an Asian man with a shining countenance and a silk scarf draped over his shoulders.  This is the late Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the Filipino founder of what is called Modern Pranic Healing.  His teachings are followed by millions around the world, especially in America.

Burhan and his friends insist that the picture is not there to be worshipped.  It hangs there during their sessions out of respect for the Grand Master, and because it too releases good energy.

Burhan says: “We are all connected by this energy.  It’s like, when you think of someone and suddenly they phone you out of the blue.  It’s no coincidence.  We accept electricity, radio waves, and the internet, all forms of energy just moving through the air, why not this..?

“We do healings and people get better by feeling positive.  The doctors don’t understand it but they want to give it a medical name so they call it spontaneous remission.”

Like Helen, Burhan is also a former nurse.  He spent 30 years working in the NHS, rising to intensive care specialist for coronary and heart disease.  Helen says it helps to have a background in the healing and caring professions to work the Pranic method, but Burhan was a lifelong sceptic who discovered his abilities by accident.

His wife Liz was attending Pranic Healing sessions in the hope of easing her arthritis and he was working as the translator.  One night at home when she was in pain she asked him to help.

Burhan and liz

He says: “I didn’t believe in it. I used to say to Liz: ‘Oh you’re off to those classes; you’ll be needing your broomstick!’ But I had seen what they do so I just went through the motions.  Liz told me she could feel something and I found I could too.  It made her feel a little better so I started taking it seriously and decided to learn for myself.  There are some people born with the ability but they don’t experience it till later in life.  Now I can feel the energy and see people’s auras.”

The Pranic believers’ claim to be able to see colourful auras emanating from the human body is perhaps their most arguable. They say these energies can be captured by special photographic equipment called the Kirlian technique.  The idea has been dismissed by scientists, but portraits done in this way, showing people with colours exploding around their heads are big sellers at “Heart & Soul” type conventions.  I was told that my aura was yellow with blue on top. Good, apparently.

Despite this my own attempts to “tune in” were less than magical.  As instructed, I held my arms in front of me and tried to feel the energy flow between my hands.  A few minutes of this and my arms just felt tired.

Burhan: “Everything is made up of energy.  True clairvoyants can actually see it.  Energy doesn’t live in us, we live within it.  If you want harmony peace and comfort, words can create that kind of feeling within you.  Take a deep breath and pray and your energy doubles.  You don’t have to wait to suffer on your deathbed to believe.  Say: ‘Thank you God for helping me.  Thank you for the good things in my life.’

“Anyone can do it. You don’t have to go to Tibet and sit on a mountain. Modern life stops us from being aware of these things. When you are in the middle of turmoil, it is difficult to think positively, but you can reduce your worries and that helps you to power through the suffering.

“We need to relax our minds.  Meditation helps to calm the mind.  If you meditate you become more aware of the energy.  It can be frightening but when you learn that the energies are there to help, guide and protect us, it’s good.  As you work on someone to help them get better, you yourself feel better.

“We have to be very careful.  It can be used for good and bad things, but it’s certain that if you use it in a bad way, one day you will get a slap in the face.”

Helen said: “The body naturally wants to be whole but we do the wrong jobs, we sit the wrong way, we eat the wrong things and we fill our heads with negative ideas.  We are out of balance but in the modern world we’ve been told to reach for a tablet.  People don’t adjust their lifestyles, they adjust their prescriptions.

“We should listen to our bodies more.  It’s all about thinking positively.  People who have that energy, they shine and other people seek them out.  People say they are charismatic or natural leaders.”

Burhan and Liz practice what they preach with walks on the beach, and a little gentle line dancing. Celine Dion’s I’m Alive is a favourite.

“We love the lyrics,” he said, “When you reach for me, I get wings to fly, I feel that I’m alive,” he quotes.

“The clearest air is on the beach or when you sit under an old pine tree or an old olive.  Those beautiful trees give us not only oxygen but energy for life.  There should be wonderful energy here in Cyprus, but unfortunately this island has been through many turmoils, creating resentment, hate and feelings of revenge. These are all negative things that damage the environment.”

Doctors would find it hard to disagree with much of what the Pranics say but the more gnomic their pronouncements, the more they seemed to be deeply wise and romantic.

Burhan and Liz’s energy levels are also employed in a little gentle line dancing, Celine Dion’s I’m Alive is a favourite.

When you call on me
When I hear you
I get wings to fly
I feel that I’m alive


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  1. Way out man! And I mean way out. Out of your minds with delusional concepts, that is no different to religion. Unproven and for the simple minded people that are easy to mold. Might as well get a tarot card and coffee cup reading to asses its costs. If you want to improve your health then firstly improve your diet, exercise (Tai Chi) and meditate (focus). You don’t need classes, a good book will be enough to get you up to medium to advanced level.

    • Sorry oxolobs I have trained in Tai Chi, Karate, Chi Kung and Pranic Healing and I know without a teacher, books alone will not create a journey of discovery and enlightenment