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You could be walking around with a UK card stating the wrong blood group on it

By Mary Day

I came across a little information today that I feel is quite important to all of us.

This is concerning your blood group type, many of us have had our blood screened in the UK and have been given a card that states what blood type we are just in case of an emergency.Blood groups
Maureen Fellows is one person that carried her card with her at all times and as we all know from a previous article Maureen will be going into hospital to have a hip operation now scheduled for August 20th and not July.

Part of the process of Maureen being admitted is to have her blood group determined and have three pints of blood available in the event that it would be needed and with the help of BRS (British Residents Society) three pints of blood had been reserved for this purpose at Girne State Hospital.

Unfortunately it was discovered today (July 16th) that Maureen has been carrying her card for many years unaware that it states the wrong blood group on it.

Maureen said, “ I cannot believe it is wrong I had it done in the UK and if it was not for my needing an operation I would still be unaware of the fact that it is not correct. The hospital tested me to determine my blood group and when it came back a different type I honestly thought they had made a mistake, the hospital then suggested that I do another test just to confirm my blood group and the Girne hospital are correct”.

The wonderful Maureen Fellows

The wonderful Maureen Fellows

This could have serious consequences if you ever need blood in an emergency and the UK blood group card is used although I would hope that the hospital would check first but that could waste precious time.

Chris Offord from VIP has said ,”If you are concerned you can have a blood test for just 20tl at any laboratory to determine what blood group you are and put your mind at rest.

Another way to find out your blood group is to donate blood you can do this by contacting:

BRS Blood Donor Days

Please read a previous article about BRS Blood Donation by clicking here or you can read more about making blood donation on the British Residents Society website by clicking here

Save a Life – TEXT 0542 880 0112

There is an independent emegency blood donation appeal system being operated where registered donors are sent an SMS message when a specific blood type is required and more can be read on articles by clicking here and clicking here


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  1. This is first rate. I hope people will have their bood groups checked for piece of mind.